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The Same Name Confusion: Shamshad Begum (Chamiya Bai) Of Delhi

The Shamshad featured in this photograph was a singer from Delhi. Her daughter was Naseem Banu and grand daughter Saira Banu. The other Shamshad Begum was the famous playback singer.

This Shamshad Begum (in picture above) is not the playback singer Shamshad Begum. This Shamshad Begum was a classical singer and the mother of Naseem Bano and Nani of Saira Bano.

Playback singer Shamshad Begum was different. The confusion created as the names of the two were the same.

Shamshadbai Dilliwali (also known as Chhamiabai with Saira Bano) / Shamshad Begum with daughter, Usha Ratra

The third Shamshad Begum (Ragini) was an actress, Nek Parveen being one of the films she acted in. The other two Shamshad Begum’s (in the Hindi Film Industry) that we know of Shamshad Begum the singer and Shamshad Begum urf Chamiya.


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Abhi Na Parda Giraao_ Movie: Shaque

vasant desai

Vasant desai

Audio devices were often seen in art films where the filmmakers used them as a good excuse to play a music piece of a legendary artist ..They depicted the protagonists as lovers of music and played music that I feel they ( directors) enjoyed. I am reminded of a sequence in Bhumika where Amrish puri is listening to a Thumri when smita patil walks in. Another sequence is a cute one in Kitaab where Uttam kumar is listening to Pt Ravi shankar when Master Raju walks in..He asks Raju. “Do you know who this is? .This is pt Ravi shankar, the world famous sitarist.”. Immediately sparks go off in Raju’s little brain- “Thats what I should do to get out if this school rut!. learn sitar!..”Ravi shankar ne sitar seekhne ke liye Geography thode hi padha hoga?!” he mumbles, pleased at his reasoning….and there are many more such examples. ..
In other instances filmmakers used audio devices to make songs seem real life..
And then in this sequence in Shaque this Kakaji is shown playing his recorded song to Shabana as he sings along…You can get a glimpse of the recording device at the begining.

-courtesy : Medha Gawai

Shaque, Vasant Desai, J K Banerjee, Aruna Vikas, recording device
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zohrabai Ambalewali’s interview:

zohrabai Ambalewali’s interview:

ज़ोहराबाई अंबालेवाली की यादें

दूरदर्शन के पुराने कुछ एक साक्षात्कारों को जानकारी के खजाने के तौर पर देखा जा सकता है, जहाँ एक फनकार खुद अपनी ज़िंदगी के अनछुए पहलुओं से रूबरू कराता था. चूंकि आज के दौर में इन्टरनेट भी जानकारी का अच्छा खासा खज़ाना लिए है और थोड़ा गोता लगाने पर कभी कभी कुछ दुर्लभ मोती हाथ लग जाते हैं. आज ऐसे ही एक मोती , स्वर निधि से आपकी मुलाक़ात कराएँ,  जिसने सिने  पर्दे के शुरूआती सालों में  हिंदी फिल्मो के लिए अपनी आवाज़ भरी . नाम था  ज़ोहराबाई  अम्बालेवाली .

पढ़ें  अनीता सिंह के साथ ज़ोहरा बाई अम्बालेवाली की इसी बातचीत के कुछ एक अंश .   Read the rest of this entry »


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