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उनकी ज़ुबान, उनके अशार !

ज़बाने बदलते हैं :   आशा भोसले के साथ  ‘मीर’ के अशार. उसपर राग मारुबिहाग का रोग़न .तो तस्वीर का दिलकश बनकर सामने आना लाज़मी है. मंडी  फिल्म का ये गीत कम सुनाई और लोगों की जानकारी में कम  आपाता है .उतना ही कम इस संगीतकार का नाम जिसे वनराज भाटिया कहते हैं . परदे पर स्मिता पाटिल अपने एक अलग अंदाज़ में.

मारुबिहाग के और कुछ खूबसूरत रंग यहाँ पर 


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Bichhurat Mose Kanha : Parveen Sultana



One of my very favorite songs from the 80s is from Vijeta (1982), a soothing Ahir Bhairav that is quite popular. After watching the movie, the song lingered in my mind for years until I managed to listen to it again sometime early in the last decade. The movie was quite engaging too. Ajit Verman teaming up with Vasant Dev had another couple of songs in the film.

Audio :Bichhurat Mose Kanha
courtesy : veena pathak


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chain aata nhii jab yaad teri aaye hai : kishori amonkar

चैन आता ही नहीं, जब याद तेरी आये है kishori amonkar
छा रही काली घटा जियरा मेरा लहराए है ….

When a music lover thinks ‘चैन आता ही नहीं जब याद तेरी आये है, छा रही काली घटा जियरा मेरा लहराए है ….’ a few famous names of classical and light classical singers flash into the mind , but normally Kishori Amonkar’s is not among those names as she is not known to sing this kind of Ghazal sort of Bandishes. So when I came to know of this rendition and listened to it I too got a little surprised !

So I spoke to Kishori Amonkar Ji on phone and inquired about this rendition of her’s available on net. The conversation went on for almost 30 minutes as I was speaking to her after a long time. The reply she gave about this rendition was not much different from what I guessed !

During past 35 plus years I have listened Kishori Amonkar live more than two dozen times and each listening has been an experience of its own kind. And this is also true that during these concerts I never heard this rendition being sung by Kishori Tai. So when I came across this recording a year back my first reaction was of surprise and my second reaction was my guess that most probably some body has recorded it without her knowledge while she must be demonstrating the elaborations of this rendition to her disciples. 

So I decided to verify it from herself and spoke to her in June last year on phone about this rendition and then about other things as well. The relevant part of conversation about this rendition went some thing like this (almost verbatim to the best of my memory) 

I : Kishori Tai aapne ye kab aur kahan gaa diya ?

KM : tune mujhe suna hai Arun kabhi ye concert mein gaate !

I : aaj tak to nahin suna isiliye to poochh raha hun ki ye kab gaa diya 

KM : arre main to apne yahna kuchh disciples ko is tarah gana aur uske bolon ka vistaar karan sikhaa rahee thee, na jaane kis …. ne bina mujhe pata chale record kar liya aur net pe daal diya , ab to lagata hai ki sikhaane se pahale bhee sub ke phone bahar hee rakhwaane pada karenge ”

But the rendition is a showcase of her competence and hold over the medium and is a proof that what difference an accomplished artist of Kishori Tai’s caliber can make to a bandish when she renders it.

Listen and feel the difference !


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