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written by : Dinesh Shankar Shailendra
kishore kumarKishore Kumar had decided to take Shailendra as the lyricist for his film “Door gagan ki chhaon mein”. The script was written… song situations had been decided and the first music ‘sitting’ was planned… Baba reached Kishore Kumar’s house at the appointed time… Kishore Kumar narrated the story and the situation of a particular song…then sat with the harmonium and hummed the tune he had composed… As soon as he finished, Baba, shot up and walked out of the room… Kishore Kumar was worried and wondered what had gone wrong… had Baba not liked the tune??? was he not interested in the story ??? why had he left without a word ???
Kishoreda sent his assistant to go and find out the truth…The assistant returned and said that Shailendraji was outside the house, smoking a cigarette, looking towards the sea… He finished his cigarette and quietly returned… He told Kishore Kumar…”please play the tune, I want to see if these words fit in…” He hummed along and took Kishore Kumar by surprise… In those five minutes, Baba had written the mukhda of this very song…a song that is still a favourite …

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Nazraana bheja kisi ne pyar ka

dev anand

songs from movies where the lyricist of the film has contributed in another role.

Amit Khanna. Beside being a lyricist of Des Pardes, he was also producer, along with Dev Anand, of the movie. A song from this movie, sung excellently by Kishore. Music is composed by Rajesh Roshan. Love this song.

नज़राना भेजा किसी ने प्यार का
है दीवाना जो बस तेरे दीदार का

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शिवरंजिनी की ऐसी की तैसी !


rd burman

जी नहीं,ये मैं नहीं कह रहा बल्कि ये तो एक पुराना किस्सा है किशोर कुमार का और उसके पीछे छिपे एक खूबसूरत गीत के बनने का.राग शिवरंजिनी  और किशोर कैसे मिलकर एक अद्भुत गीत का निर्माण करते हैं इसकी मिसाल.

किसतरह पहले लता के गाने के बाद किशोर ने ये गीत गाया .जबकि राग की समझ ना के बराबर रखने वाले किशोर पहले इस गाने को गाने से मना कर रहे थे !

ऐसा ही दूसरा गीत फिल्म ‘झुमरू‘ का जिसे पहले गाया था किशोर के बड़े भाई दादा मोनी ने (यानी अशोक कुमार ). गाना ना याद आरहा हो तो मैं बताए देता हूँ . गाना था फिल्म जीवन नैय्या का कोई हमदम ना रहा  

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