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Muskurao Ki Ji Nahi Lagata – Kangan.



By Archana gupta
ये ख़ामोशी ये बेज़ुबानी क्यों ?
छेड़ न दें कोई कहानी क्यों ?
गुनगुनाओ के जी नहीं लगता…

Someone gave me an unexpected treat just as the weekend started in the form of a bunch of songs – many that I heard for the first time and many that were old, long forgotten friends. And I spent the weekend in bliss listening to the unexpected bounty 🙂 For today, I have chosen one of the songs that just stuck with me since Friday evening and that I have gone back to atleast 5 -6 times over the weekend. Lata at her sweetest possible mouthing Rajendra Krishan’s words under Chitragupta’s baton for movie Kangan.
Muskurao Ki Ji Nahi Lagata – Kangan. and 🙂
Rang dil ki dhadkan bhi

note 😉 Does the meter of this song not remind you of ‘dekhne mein bhola hai’ from Bambai Ka Babu? This of course has an original version in Telugu (with dainty Waheeda in it):

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Ise na aur luuTiye, ye dil bahut ghariib hai

By Srinivas Ganti
“You can come to my place and stay. I will charge you one rare Lata song per night” Anant Rege said when I was planning to visit canada to get US my visa stamped.

Although Toronto was closer, Anant’s offer was irresistable 🙂 So I landed at Anant’s place in Ottawa and after a round of introductions and refreshments, Anant took me upstairs into a room filled with neat wooden closets. He opened one and stocked in it were dozens of tapes. He removed them one by one and his expressive eyes lit up when he saw the label “Gul Sanobar” on one of them.

He then picked the following song for my listening pleasure.

“ise na aur luuTiye, ye dil bahut gariib hai
nasiib se main khya kahuun, nasiib to nasiib hai”

The song starts with a gentle aalaap. A fast paced prelude follows with the Piano being the prominent instrument. As the prelude ends, the rythm slows down slight pauses between notes creating a “suspense” filled ambience. Lata then starts with almost a hush “ise na aur luuTiye” and by the time it comes to “kya kahuun” her voice is elevated to a high pitch only to come down with “nasiib to nasiib hai”. These pitch and pace undulations made the song an instant favorite. Kaif Irfani’s lyrics deserve a special mention here for fitting snugly with the ebb and flow
of Bulo C. Rani’s tune.

The movie has another outstanding Lata song. I will come to that some other day.
youtubelink  here.
Gul Sanobar,
Kaif Irfani,
Bulo C. Rani
Lata Mangeshkar
**originally posted @cinemasangeet

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‘रजनीगन्धा’ की महक लिए योगेश के गीत !



बतौर गीतकार योगेश के गीतों में सबसे ख़ासबात थी फिल्म के चरित्रों के ‘मनोभाव’ को वो शब्दों में आसानी से ढाल लेने की क्षमता रखते थे –

मिसाल के तौर पर  पंचम की धुन और आशा के गाये ‘मंज़िल’ फिल्म  के  इस गीत को लें –

मन मेरा चाहे मेहँदी रचा लूं ,बिंदिया लगा लूं सजना

सज के देखूं राह तेरी ,आके भर ले मांग मेरी ….मन मेरा चाहे

संतूर ,गिटार का खूबसूरत प्रयोग
-Raju Bathija

hamein yaad kabhi tum kar lena jab rota huwa saawan aaye
ho bahaar aur raah mein koyi phool haay murajhaaye
hamein yaad kabhi tum

viraan safar mein jivan ke kab tak yuun akele chalate piya
lekar ham ye aakir tere bina haay aas ka bujhata sa diya
hamein yaad kabhi tum

dete hain duaa phir bhi tumako kushiyon ki umar lag jaaye tumhein
jo bhi tumako gam hon saare badale mein yahaan mil jaayein hamein
hamein yaad kabhi tum

The common sentiments are given an uncommon touch with a choice phrase and an impression is left in the mind (ho bahaar aur raah mein koi phool haay murjhaaye…. The master craftsman, Salil Da, had recorded a Bengali song in the same tune as the song above in 1967 in the voice of Sandhya Mukherjee  Its tune was faster and the prelude, interludes are quite different. The Hindi song is from “Anokha Daan”, a 1972 film directed by Asit Sen starring Anil Dhawan, Kabir Bedi and Zaheera. Apparently, it is a remake of “Inspector General”, a 1949 film starring Danny Kaye. The wonderful website on Salil Da maintained by Gautum Choudhary also mentions that Salil Da’s background score for this film was fabulous and gives a clip of the score based on the song above. The website also mentions that Salil Da used the tune in Malaylam and Kannada too later. Enjoy this beautiful song. Wishing Yogesh ji and his beautiful family many decades of good health and cheer:

Khantha Mahadevan


‘RAAT UJIYARI DIL ANDHERA HAI -CHAALBAZ’ _Lata_madan mohan_yogesh_chalbaaz

A rare collaboration between Yogesh & Madan Mohan , Chaalbaaz was released well after MM’s death. It had two exhilarting songs. One was a mujra. The other is this extraordinary foray into blues & melodic improvisation which is a hallmark of 70s Madan Mohan. The song starts hauntingly enough, with reso reso & various other percussion instruments going in double time to build up the tension. With the bluesy teevra madhyam in “ujiyari” , Madan Mohan leaves you in no doubt that you are in for a treat. The angular flutes, the melancholy antara where MM goes tangentially to the main melody before beautifully coming back through a bridging portion, all add up to make this a classic IMHO. Yogesh’s lyrics are as usual, simple yet filled with lyrical imagery. Magic.

–Krittibas Dasgupta


jaiye humse khafa ho jaiye _ Lata_madan mohan_yogesh_chalbaaz

Yogeshji combined with Madan Mohanji just once for a highly forgettable film called Chaalbaaz which released in 1980. The songs however, were recorded during the lifetime of Madanji in 1974/75. There are a couple of songs in this film which did not see the light of the day but which I hold high in my list of favourites. Sharing a fantastic composition sung by Lataji – beautiful “jagahs” and super sitar

— Sangeeta gupta

Song from a unreleased film becoming big hit.That is what happened with this song from the film Anand Mahal. written by Yogesh and composed by Salilda, and playback by Yesudas and sabita Choudhary. This is the first song rendered by Yesudas in Hindi.Beautiful sitar piece by Pt.Jayaram Acharya is another addition to the song.

Bhagavatheeswara Iyer



देखो बसंती बसंती 
होने लगे मेरे सपने…
ये दिन क्या आये…

One of my favorite lyricist here, choosing a song lesser known from the movie by Basu chatterjee (favorite director). Other songs of this movie are super hits, but this one is special one, it expresses the joy of winning, every stanza speaks of success. The protagonist turns the table on his rival and feels elated. The song appropriately captures the spirit. Salil da’s music is par excellence along with Mukesh’s voice.

वहाँ, मन बन्वारा आज उड़ चला
जहाँ पर है गगन सलोना सांवला
जाने वहीँ रख दे मन रंगों में घोल के
सपने ये अनमोल से

–Aabhas Chandra


मन करे याद वो दिन’

Yogesh ji is an exceptional talent specially in the era of 70s and 80s when the quality of lyrics was flowing down and touching rock bottom at a point.. Yogesh was One in just a few names that stood the wave of absurdity in lyrics of film songs..

I would rank Salil-Yogesh as one of the finest MusicDirector-Lyricist team with great level of understanding and quality in total!

Presenting one of my top top favorite song of Kishore da, which probably was the last time he sang for Salil da! Terrific singing yet the song is very very special for Yogesh ji’s lyrics.. (aakhribadla)

बहारों की डोली लिये, कितना भी चाहे ये मौसम सजे
तेरे बिन बसंत भी ये पतझड़ लगे
सिंदूरी ये माँग भरे
पाँवों में महावर मले
दुल्हन जैसी साँझ भी ये, डसे तेरे बिन

‘मन करे याद वो दिन’

तेरे संग बीते थे जो पल रंगीन
तेरे संग देखे थे जो सपने हसीन

‘मन करे याद वो दिन’

The song is a brilliant trip to the lane of nostalgia! Thanks Yogesh ji for truly Golden words of yours in many many heart touching songs!



योगेश के बोल और सलिल दा की धुनें जब -जब आपस में मिलें तो समां बन्दने में वक्त ना लगा ! अमूमन सलिल दा की बनी बनाई धुनों पर ही योगेश को गीत लिखने पड़ते  ,इस लिहाज़ से धुन और मीटर का ध्यान भी रखना ज़रुरी हो जाता ! सलिल दा अपनी धुनें कई बार पहले बना लेते या फिर अपने किसी पुराने बंगाली गीत कि धुन पर हिंदी गाना लिखवा लेते ! ख़ास बात ये होती की गीत बन जाने के बाद इस बात का ज़रा भी इल्म ना होता कि गीत पहले लिखा गया या धुन पर बोल पिरोये गए ! इस जोड़ी के साथ  जब लता के स्वर जुड़ जाते तो देखिये और सुनिए कैसा कमाल हो जाता ! मुखड़े -अंतरे में उतार -चढाव सलिल दा की एक और खासियत थी ! लता जी के मुताबिक़ बजाने वालों के कई बार पसीने छूट जाया करते , पर वो अक्सर उन्हें गाने में आनंद महसूस करती !

शाम आई  रंगों _योगेश _सलिल _जीना यहाँ _
इसी गीत का बंगाली रूप (O amaar paddo pataar din ) यहाँ (साभार -सलिल दा डॉट कॉम )


jaadu dar gyo_humare tumhare

Here’s another fabulous debut creation – this time Yogesh partnering with debutant director Umesh Mehra (of Eagle Films). And what better combination than his favorite and popular partnership with Pancham and Kishore Kumar. Of course in the movie the presence of Sanjeev Kumar simply makes this an eternal gem.

With a strong base in classical music – Pancham sets up the mood right from the starting strains of the veena and moving into some excellent use of sitars, sarangi and tablas. Kishore Kumar does what he can only do in a Pancham song – go completely over the top – switching moods, raagas and his pitch as only he can. Pancham demonstrates his mastery over ragaas in yet another favorite genre of his – the use of Indian classicial raagas/instruments in comic/fast-paced situation. These usually requires rapid and knowledgeable switch from genre, raaga and instrument play.

There have been various accounts of how these switches/pattern changes are implemented in recording studio. However what is usually missing in those observations is the immaculate planning, the detailed music arrangement and the superior skills of the musicians in play to deliver to the whims of the composer.

Also love this song for its very distinct use of Hindi by Yogesh – there are not many songs he wrote for the comic/fast-paced scenarios. And thus the use of chaste Hindi really blends with the mood of the composition.

–shashi rao

चंचल मन पर छाये रंग के बादल 
मेरे पथ की धुल बनी चन्दन
खिली धुप बरसे जैसे कंचन
देखो ये बहार छलकाए प्यार
लहरा के अपना आँचल …चंचल मन पर छाये रंग के बादल …..

Simple words creating beautiful images giving expression to the inner joy and happiness in a way ,manner and style that a layman as well as a lover of poetical imagery can identify her/his feeling with the words instantly with equal ease and appreciation and can live and feel the emotional state which the words want to communicate.

These are the features and strengths which makes a lyricist not only a song writer of superb quality but also makes the songs enter into the mind and soul of the listener.

And Yogesh Gaud whom we HFM lovers know as Yogesh is the Lyricist who not only possesses these qualities in plenty but is also capable to harness this ability in creating some of the most memorable songs of HFM.

As Archana GuptaJi in her superbly written article and wonderfully recorded interview with Yogesh Ji has covered virtually every aspect of Yogesh Ji’s work and personality in great detail so I will not enter into that arena here.

But as an ardent fan and lover of Yoges ji’s word craft and ability to create superb emotional landscapes through his words I would love to dwell upon an ability of his word craft which is not very common in Lyrics writing in HFM, and that is his ability to create perfect hummable songs with linear structure as well. There are not many lyricists in HFM , who without resorting to a meter. or chhand structure can write a hummable song in a linear fashion. And a perfect example of this kind of a song which gives the complete emotional graph of the characters inner most feelings is ‘ Ye din kya aaye …..’ from the film Chhoti si baat’ and when Yogesh Ji in one of his conversations told me that he wrote this song on a pre composed tune , I was really surprised because it is always easy to write in a structured chhand pattern on a given tune but to pen a song of this quality with a linear structure on a given tune is no less than a miracle in the field of word craft.

Only a person with infinite capability to feel the pain as well as to love in a boundless manner can write the way he does. And what better example of his love and affection can be than the poem which he wrote for his friend Satya Prakash , whom he considers as one of the most reliable and strong pillars of strength in his life and carrier making. I am sharing this poem which Yogesh Ji not only shared with me in a conversation a few months back but also gave his kind consent to let it be shared by me whenever and wherever I felt proper. The reader can understand well that what kind of a person will write a poem like this in praise of his friend and will recite it before him. Here is the poem.

पहले सुन लो मेरे मन का तुमसे आखिर क्या नाता है
फिर बतलाओ तुमने मुझ को किस सीमा तक प्यार किया है

तुलसी के यदि राम कोई थे
तो फिर मेरे राम तुम्ही हो
राधा के घनश्याम कोई थे
तो मेरे घनश्याम तुम्ही हो
अगर सूर के थे मनमोहन
तो तुम मेरे मनमोहन हो
मीरा के यदि श्याम कोई थे
तो फिर मेरे श्याम तुम्ही हो

सच तो यह है कभी तुम्हारा ख्याल नहीं मन से जाता है
इतना तुमने मेरे तन,मन, जीवन पर अधिकार किया है

पहले सुन लो मेरे मन का तुमसे आखिर क्या नाता है
फिर बतलाओ तुमने मुझ को किस सीमा तक प्यार किया है

( योगेश )

Today I am sharing such a song penned by Yogesh Ji which showcases his capacity to create an expression of love and joy from 1972 film Mere Bhaiyya rendered by Manna Da and composed by Salil Da and wish Yogesh Ji a very happy, healthy and creative long life so that the music lovers can have the great fortune to be enriched by his poetry for ever !

audio link

–Arun mudgal ji

‘जो मैं होता हवा का झोंका ,तेरे गालों को …तेरे बालों को छूकर गुज़र जाता ‘_दुनिया नाचेगी _आशा _मन्ना _लक्ष्मी-प्यारे 

Duniya Nachegi was a relatively obscure Kishore Kumar film that had a limited release in 1967. I came across the songs of this film very recently, less than 2 years back, when someone posted the videos of the film on YT. Not much was known to me about the songs of this film till then. I tried several sources, but the information about the lyricists was not forthcoming. All one could find was that Majrooh, Raja Mehdi Ali Khan and Yogesh wrote the songs of this film. It was only after hearing Archana’s interview with Yogesh, did I finally find out the one song that he wrote for this film.

So here it is, the only song Yogesh ever wrote for Laxmikant Pyarelal. Manna Dey is singing for Kishore Kumar in this duet with Asha Bhosle for Duniya Nachegi (1967)




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