The Same Name Confusion: Shamshad Begum (Chamiya Bai) Of Delhi

15 Jan

The Shamshad featured in this photograph was a singer from Delhi. Her daughter was Naseem Banu and grand daughter Saira Banu. The other Shamshad Begum was the famous playback singer.

This Shamshad Begum (in picture above) is not the playback singer Shamshad Begum. This Shamshad Begum was a classical singer and the mother of Naseem Bano and Nani of Saira Bano.

Playback singer Shamshad Begum was different. The confusion created as the names of the two were the same.

Shamshadbai Dilliwali (also known as Chhamiabai with Saira Bano) / Shamshad Begum with daughter, Usha Ratra

The third Shamshad Begum (Ragini) was an actress, Nek Parveen being one of the films she acted in. The other two Shamshad Begum’s (in the Hindi Film Industry) that we know of Shamshad Begum the singer and Shamshad Begum urf Chamiya.


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