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shades of ‘Intizaar’

BY :Arun Mudgal

कहाँ हो तुम मेरी तन्हाईयाँ आवाज़ देती हैं

lata mangeshkar

lata mangeshkar

सुलगती रात की परछाइयाँ आवाज़ देती हैं
रख पाये तो रख ले आ कर लाज मेरी रुस्वाई की
मेरी उम्र से लम्बी हो गयी बैरन रात जुदाई की….

इंतिज़ारी में तेरी सारा सितम्बर बीता
ओ रोते रोते तेरी फुरकत में नवम्बर बीता
आहें भर भर के ये कहता है कैलेन्डर मूिहसे
हिचकियाँ लेते हुए सारा डिसेम्बर बीता ……
दिल तेरे हिज़्र में दीवाना बना जाता है
ठंडी आहों में बरफ खाना जाता है
दो ही अश्क़ों से हुआ उनकी गली में कीचड
मेरी अफसानी भी अफ़साना बना जाता है
अरे आ आ आ आ ,आ दिल का रोग मिटा जा रे
आठ रोज़ की छूटी ले कर आ जा रे.……

And then to
बाट तकूँ मैं तेरी कोठे चढ़ के
आजा मेरे बलमा बहन कर ………
The beauty of HFM is that it explores a concept , word or a state of mind in its various forms. And the concept of fruitless waiting is no exception to it. Though there are many ways in which this concept has been explored by the lyricists in HFM as is evident from the wonderful spread of the songs here today.
Therefore instead of going into much detail I have just chosen three shades of Intizaar , the sentimental, the funny and the normal ….
The first two songs are coincidentally rendered by Lata Bai , and I usually say that Lata Bai has some kind of an absolutely ‘Accurate Emotion Injecting Mechanism’ installed in her throat by the God Almighty which always releases the accurate amount of emotion in any and every expression in the song neither a micro gram more nor a micro gram less then required. And that is what makes these songs a delight to listen to. Feel this feature of Lata Bai’s voice in the first two songs expressing two diametrically opposite moods of Fun and absolutely sentimental respectively.
The basis for choosing the lead song is just going for a little ‘Funtertainment ‘ as the sentimental aspect of the waiting is spread all over here …. Read the rest of this entry »

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हृदयि प्रीत जागते जाणता अजाणता

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हृदयि प्रीत जागते जाणता अजाणता…..Kumar Gandharva - Raga Kanada Bahar - leaf

There are songs which become a permanent resident in your playlist once listened and even after listening for decades keep on playing in your

mind. The Melody, the lyrics and the singing all the elements fall in perfect line in these songs.

हृदयि प्रीत जागते जाणता अजाणता… such a song from 1961 Marathi film Suvasini rendered by Asha in her superb sweet and accurately emoted voice under the baton of one of the sweetest and greatest melody makers in Hindi and Marathi films


Sudhir Phadke. Listen and feel how each and every word penned by G D Madgulkar takes shape on the musical notes and in the singers voice creating a perfect picture of soft, sweet, gentle and decent romance in the listeners mind.

Listening this song from decades but the magic still intact and it just takes my being with it in the environs of silky and soft romance… !!

#Arun Mudgal ji

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song(s) whose lyrics include name of raag

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बिगड़े ठाठ से काम बने क्या

मेघ बजे ना मल्हार

पंचम छेड़ो मद्धम बोले षडज बने गंधार …..

This immortal song composed by one of the most prominent pioneers of developing and establishing HFM in its beginning the one and only R C Boral not only contain the name of raagas in it but the Swar and Chalan of a raaga are also there, a song which a only a pioneer and Maestro of the order of Boral could only compose . Boral was not only aware of the Raga corpus in Traditional Hindustani classical music, but also stood out as its conscious explorer. It does not, therefore, come as a surprise that in ‘Street Singer he could compose a song almost bordering on ‘Lakshangeet’ in ‘Jeevan been madhur….’ . This composition included listing of musical features of raga, instruments, etc., and emphasized words to bring out the poetic craftsmanship involved in such a song . And when K L Saigal’s Golden voice renders it the listener is engaged to his/her core in its beauty !

K.L.Saigal – Jeevan Been Madhur Na Baaje – Film Street Singer

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