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Mujhe nazar se utaar kar bhi

By srinivas Ganti.



A few years back there was a discussion on RMIM as to which actress has the best Lata songs picturised on her. My pick was Nalini Jaywant. The song picked here is another beauty from a Nalini Jaywant starrer. The lyrics are very expressive and the piece-de-resistance is the question with which the mukhda and antara end ! “to kyaa karoge” is repeated twice giving it the necessary impetus. While I haven’t seen the picturization, I am imaging Sajjan being haunted by Nalini with lines like.. ” chalo ye maanaa bagair mere tumhari raaten javaan rahegii;
magar jo bhuule se mere khwaabon ne yaad jagaaya to kya karoge, to kyaa karoge”Lyricist Rajendra Krishan

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Kab Beet Gayi Jeevan Ki Subah

By. Srinivas Ganti
Several lesser known composers have given outstanding songs with Lata. V.Balsara is among them and the two solos from Madmast rank right there among the very best. Here’s one of them. The opening prelude sets the

tone for the gentle, soulful, philosophical lament. The lyrics by Madhuraj (Madhukar Rajasthani) stand out …. jab laakhon the sunanevaale, tab kahane ko thii baat nahiin;
ab laakhon baaten kahanii hai, aur sunanevaalaa saath nahiin.

Madhukar Rajasthani
V. Balsara,
lata mangeshkar

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Raat Andhiiyari hai : lata mangeshkar

lata mangeshkarBy .Sri Ganti
The 1999 RMIM meet commemorative was a tribute to Lata Mangeshkar on the ocassion of her 70th birthday. One of the songs in the compilation was Sudhir Phadke’s duet with Lata “kismat ka nahiindosh baanvare”. Vish Krishnan, in his commentary mentioned the list of albums in which they partnered “Murliwala, Maltimadhav, Gokul Ka Chor, Pehli Tarikh, Ratnagahar, Sajni and Bhabhi Ki Chudiyan”. Songs like “baandh preeti phuul Dore”, “jaa re chandr” were being discussed on RMIM around that time. That was how my fascination for Babuji began and I started looking around for more of his songs.

An year later I found a job in Chicago. Those were the days when I had just learned driving but was a little scared to drive on the highways. Dr. Arunabha Roy had invited me over to his place, and promised to give me a tape of rare Lata songs. So I gathered a little courage and ventured onto I-90 and went to University of Chicago. Arunabha revealed that the tape he was referring to was a compilation of Suhdir Phadke songs that Dr. Mandar Bichu graciously shared it with him. The compilation was an instant hit and I just fell in love with the melodies. I just cudn’t get some of the songs out of my head and ended up posting the lyrics on RMIM. The song selected today is among that special set. The opening line “raat andhiyaari hai” sets the tone for this melancholy nocturne.Lata emphasies “raat” and “andhiyaari” as if the night is very long and very dark.
sukh se tuu so mere praaN, mere maaN, mere rain ke vihaaN .The song oozes maternal love which is epitomised by the line sukh se tuu so mere praaN, mere maaN, mere rain ke vihaaN Every time praaN, maaN or vihaan are rendered, the emotion is so perfectly captured that one can visualise the the love showered by the mother on her child .


The other recurring emotion in the song is sadness. In the second antara the word “andhkaar” is repeated to cascading effect taking darkness to new heights. Pandit Narendra Sharma’s lyrics are a constant with Sudhir Phadke’s music and the following line takes the cake for me. aa.Nsuuo.n ke motiyo.n kii tuu hai musakaan The orchestration is soft, subtle and soothing. It complements the theme very well and elevates the song to a treasure that can be cherished for a lifetime.

Movie: Sajni (1956)
Singer: Lata
Lyrcis: Pandit Narendra Sharma
Music: Sudhir Phadke

Youtube Link: here
picture courtesy : Kaustubh pingle and lavanya shah ji
( originally written for cinema sangeet)

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