Mujhe nazar se utaar kar bhi

21 Apr

By srinivas Ganti.



A few years back there was a discussion on RMIM as to which actress has the best Lata songs picturised on her. My pick was Nalini Jaywant. The song picked here is another beauty from a Nalini Jaywant starrer. The lyrics are very expressive and the piece-de-resistance is the question with which the mukhda and antara end ! “to kyaa karoge” is repeated twice giving it the necessary impetus. While I haven’t seen the picturization, I am imaging Sajjan being haunted by Nalini with lines like.. ” chalo ye maanaa bagair mere tumhari raaten javaan rahegii;
magar jo bhuule se mere khwaabon ne yaad jagaaya to kya karoge, to kyaa karoge”Lyricist Rajendra Krishan

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