O Thare Gail Chalu Re Sawariya-

09 Nov
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थारे गैल चलूँ रे संवरिया
जो बीरन डाले डोली रे ………….

O Thare Gail Chalu Re Sawariya-AMAR Kirtan _Singer: Asha Bhosle_md _sd batish _lyrics_ wali sahab

Pt. S D Batish, with a superb voice which can easily negotiate with light and funny songs and with classical note as well with an equal finesse in an authentic and polished style, a person well versed with classical music, a singer and composer par excellence and having a researcher’s bent of mind in music is one of those rare kind of talents in film industry who along with being a singer and composer for films also contributed to the research in classical music and did scholarly work on this front as well.s d batish

So let me share one of the extremely rare songs composed by Pt. S D Batish and sung by Asha Bhosle from 1954 film Amar Kirtan ‘ thari gail chalun re sanwariya .….’ quite a lilting, light and sweet rendition with a superb prelude and composition with a wonderful use of Harmonium, Bhapang and percussion by Pt. Batish is kind of song which once listened frequently returns to the listener.

And the second song is also from Amar Kirtan but this time rendered by Pt. Batish himself. The song simply takes the listener in its thoughtful folds and the listener feels the relevance of the song even today.

So Enjoy an extremely rare song from Pt. S D Batish and Asha here as main post and the second song which is also not commonly listened ‘ maya ko maya mile kar kar lambe haath..

audio link :1
audio link:2
courtesy :arun ji
pic :batish.netrelated posy


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