Bulo C Rani

23 Sep

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Bulo C Rani

BULO C. RANI by Kalyan Kolachala

Date of Birth: 6th May 1920 (Hyderabad)
Death: 24th May 1993 (Mumbai)

Bulo. C. Rani (full name: Bulo Chandiram Ramchandani or Bulochand Chandiramani) was a music director of high caliber as well as a singer. He was born in Hyderabad in Sindh Province. His father Chandiramani was a composer himself. After completing his B.A. he joined Ranjit Movietone in 1939.

In Lahore, Bulo. C. Rani met Ghulam Haider. He later met D. N. Madhok in Mumbai. He worked as an assistant to Khemchand Prakash in films such as Tansen, Chandni, Dukh Sukh, Baadshah Babar. Khemchand Prakash also gave him an opportunity to explore his singing ability by making him sing ‘Ruth Na Pyar Mein’ for the film “Mehmaan” (1942). The tunes in the Khursheed song ‘Dukhiya jiyara’ (Tansen) were supposedly set by Bulo. C. Rani. In the year 1943, Bulo. C. Rani worked as an assistant to Gyan Dutt in “Paighaam” and “Shankar Parvati”. He got the opportunity to sing for 6 films in the same year. In the film ‘Shankar Parvathi’ the song ‘O Jogan O Bairaagi’ had become popular among listeners. According to Gyan Dutt, the song was composed by Bulo. C. Rani but wasn’t acknowledged in the credits.

His first film as an independent Music Director was in the year 1944 for the film “Caravan”. In the same year, he had sung under the name Bhola for the film “Pagli Duniya”. His first big hit was “Moorti” (1945) and it also had one of the first hits of Mukesh (it isn’t clear which one of “Moorti” and “Pehli Nazar” was released first). 

Some of his other early hits were Rajputani (1946) and Anjuman (1948). His most popular score was “Jogan” (1950). This was followed by “Wafa” (1951) and “Bilwamangal” (1954), probably his last big release which had great songs by Suraiya and CH Atma. He continued working till about 1966 but success largely eluded him barring some exceptions such as “Al Hilaal” (1958, ‘Hamen to loot liya milke husn waalon ne’) and Sunehre Qadam” (1966, ‘Maangne se jo maut mil jaati, Kaun jeeta is zamane men’). He gave music in many Sindhi films and Non Film ghazals. His last film was Naqli Shaan(1972).

Bulo C Rani had a special fascination for heavy voices which were capable of more expressive power. For the same reason, he was able to create a great impact on listeners with the voices of Amirbai, Zohrabai, Mukesh, Geeta Dutt and Khursheed. 

Some of the best songs of Geeta Dutt are with Bulo. C. Rani. While the highlights are Jogan (1950, 12 of the 15 songs in this superhit were by Geeta) and Darogaji (1949, all 12 songs are by Geeta). Some other notable films with Geeta are “Pyar ki Baatein” (1951), “Baghdad” (1952), and “Garibi” (1949). The association that started in late 40s continued till 1964 resulting in over 60 songs. More details are available at:

While his association with Lata is limited (around 22 songs), the quality of their work together is outstanding. Some of their great work together is in films like “Wafa” (1951), “Gul Sanober” (1953), Rasiya (unreleased, recorded in 1953/1954), “Madhur Milan”, “Shikaar”, “Veer Rajputani” (all 1955), Jeevan Saathi (1957), and Sunehre Qadam” (1966, recorded in late 50s). Mukesh was another favourite though the number of songs was fairly limited.

Having once enjoyed the position of prominence, the lack of assignments and recognition (except in Sindi circles and among vintage fans) left him restless and frustrated. All that was left for him were memories of the glory days. The breaking point came when his family decided to sell their flat in Shivaji Park and move to Versova. Upset at losing his anchor and symbol of his glory days, he committed suicide by self-immolation.

He passed away on 24th May 1993.

His filmography is available at:

Sources: N. Ramaswamy’s article in Anmol Fankaar which was based on Professor Yogesh Yadav’s book ‘Suvarna Yugwaale Sangeetkar’, Pankaj Raag’s ‘Dhunon Ki Yatra’. Nalin Shah’s article in Rythminfo (copied by Down Melody Lane) and personal interaction with him.

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4 responses to “Bulo C Rani

  1. Suresh Sarvaiya

    March 6, 2018 at 4:35 am

    Date of birth is 06 March 1920 and not 06 May 1920 as mentioned. Kindly make necessary changes in the article. Suresh Sarvaiya, Raipur.

    • Hareesh Budhwani

      June 16, 2019 at 7:59 am

      Thanks Suresh Ji for correcting details about his date of Birth

  2. Hareesh Budhwani

    June 16, 2019 at 7:58 am

    Bulo C Rani a Top Class Singer, Music Director and my favourite.
    He did not get the applaud he deserved.
    Thanks for giving the details about this Great Artist.

  3. mirzadhamani

    October 14, 2019 at 7:00 am

    Bulk C.Rani was a great Music Director from our Sind,I always remember him,give my regards to his family, I also want to meet his family,Mirza Ladak, Karachi Parkistan.


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