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Gulzar kii…Chhoti Si Kahani Si

शाख़ों पे पत्ते थे
पत्तों में बूँदे थीं
बूँदों में पानी था
पानी में आँसू था ~आऽ ~आऽ

65 seconds of pure bliss as the prelude, Filling up the musical valley within the heart with the raindrops in the form of accordion, violins, flute, xylophone & madal sounds … Totally overwhelming on every listen.

19510272_10203590087628917_8992605511092533784_n Remembering a song that originally was not part of the script, but was destined to be conceived & produced, and later to be cherished for ever.

19554064_1474115552631218_881655937835696308_nA complete magic show within a song, where Pancham chipped-in, with not one but Two Primary Accordions to come up with a scintillating effect. The accordion vibes here create beautiful ripples in the heart and gels so well with the flow of the Rain & the TRain … The magic makes me to dream to board the train immediately.

छोटी सी कहानी से, बारिशों की पानी से
सारी वादी भर गयी
न जाने क्यों, दिल भर गया
न जाने क्यों आँख भर गयी

post by Pavan Jha
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Rajesh khanna :‘wo phir nahi aate’

Aap ki Kasam
.Siver Jubilee Hit.This film was a remake of Malayalam Hit film Vaazve Maayam (1970) which was based on a published fiction (Novel) written by well known Malayalam writer P.Ayyaneth of the title Vaazve Maayam. Malayalm film stood faithful to the novel.
But in Hindi first half of the film was devoted to project the Romantic image of Rajesh Khanna. But the second half was the same as the original and the emotional content of post interval appealed to the viewers and made the film a big hit.This song comes in a crucial part of the story and there was a song also in the original at this space. written by Anand Bakshi and composed by R D Burman and rendered by Kishore kumar, this raaga Bihag based melody is very soothing and gives a big turning in the film.
*This post is written by : Bhagavatheeswara Iyer

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