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Neh Laga Mukh Mod Gaya -khayyam

Khayyam sahab with his Guru Ghulam Ahmed Chisti.

Khayyam Saheb started his carrer with the name of Sharmaji..He worked with Rahman Verma and then they together composed few movies in the late 40’s and the early 50’s…Heer Ranja was their first movie..

Rehman Verma

After Khayyam Saheb came to Bombay, he sang few songs in the initial part of his carrer..This is one such song from Rasili(1946), sung by Khayyam Saheb(Sharmaji) with Geeta Dutt(Roy)..Not sure whether this is the first song sung by Khayyam Saheb or not…But, one of his early songs for Hindi Films…His voice is as beautiful as the stars shining in the sky.

He takes this song to another world…A very unique rendition by Khayyam and Geeta Dutt.. This song is composed by Hanuman Prasad..Lyrics by Gafi Harnalvi..

Neh Laga Mukh Mod Gaya,
Duniya Ko Tadapte Chod Gaya”

by :nikhil on sks
pic courtesy : Shyam Uttarwar

 extra shots :
Khayyam Saheb sang 3 duets with Geeta Dutt..2 songs in Heer Ranjha and 1 in Rasili…Apart from this he sang one song with Zohrabai Ambalewali in Romeo and Juilet released in 1947 under the composition of Husanlal Bhagatram…

CH Atma Saheb sang more than 10 non-filmy songs for Khayyam Saheb, many of which are rarely heard…I have just heard 3 to 4 songs of CH Atma Saheb under Khayyam Saheb…Its very interesting that Khayyam Saheb used Sarangi in many of the non-filmy albums he composed…This is one such divine song in the voice of CH Atma Saheb..A perfect masterpiece which comes at my top of the list…A very rarely heard song...
“Jo Radhe Ke Ghun Gaaye Vo Shyam”

first movie of Khayyam Saheb, i.e Heer Ranjha(1948)…This is again a very very rare song..As far as i know, this is the only song sung by Uma Devi for Khayyam Saheb…This movie had 5 songs composed by Aziz Khan Saheb…This song is composed by Sharmaji-Vermaji…A very beautiful song which is a must hear song…Fabulously composed and orchestrated…This song is sung by Uma Devi and Gandhari..A typical Punjabi-folk song…
O Beliya chale shahar ke oar“….

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