Mere Aangan Mein Chandni :Lata Mangeshkar & Rajkumari

08 Jun


rajkumariThis is Lata Mangeshkar’s only song under Saraswati Devi’s baton. Rajkumari complements her nicely in this semi-classical beauty. The song starts with Lata’s alaap for close to 16 seconds (interspersed with few bits of music). Another alaap appears at 1:38 but falls a tad short of 10 seconds. Then as the songs traverses through a longish instrumental interlude brought alive by the sound of the jaltarag, comes a 12 second alaap at 3:26, and the songs reaches a crescendo with a tarana where an unknown male voice joins the singer. In all, a masterly composition.

Mere Aangan Mein Chandni – Usha Haran (1949) – Lata Mangeshkar, Rajkumari & Unknown Male – Saraswati Devi – Ram Murti Chaturvedi

courtesy – Aditya Pant


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