piya tore nainva se nain: lata mangeshkar

18 Apr

वाह रे तेरी प्रीत पिया दिल लिया और भागे
क्या कहूँ आगे क्या कहूँ आगे हो क्या कहूँ आगे
पिया तोरे नैनवां से नैन मोरे लागे … क्या कहूँ आगे …

Think of Pandit S N Tripathi and a never stopping an unending parade of great melodies, lilting tunes of all hues and colors and the finest among the finest of songs of HFM keep on marching in the mind. One of the most multifaceted and versatile personalities of HFM Pt. SNT excelled in every field he employed his talent.

His great hold and knowledge of classical music along with Indian folk music gave his tunes a kind of beauty, simplicity and melodic effect that his songs are still a treat to ears. The way He could compose a classical beauty and a ‘Nautanki’ song or a fun song with equal ease and could make them hummable is a testimony to his grip on the medium.

I had a few songs in mind along with a vintage beauty which i personally consider one of the most authentic songs of ‘Nautanki’ style , but as my copy of the song is not very good so not making it my lead post, trying to clean it a bit and if possible will share it in comments.

lataPosting a Lata Bai beauty from 1959 film Pakshiraj ‘ Piya tore nainwa se nain more laage , kya kahun aage…..’ , is kind of a composition which structurally appears very simple but the kind of melody this simple structure creates is a timeless stuff. Using a small number of instruments creating lovely musical phrases and moving in synch with Lata Bai’s flawless and super sweet and sureelii singing makes this song a music lovers delight. Personally speking even after a countless listening-s the craving for another listening is always there !

audio link

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