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30 Mar

हिंदी फिल्मो में अक्सर एक कलाकार गायक  ,संगीतकार ,निर्माता निर्देशक जैसी कई तरह की दोहरी भूमिकाओं में नज़र आता है इस पोस्ट के ज़रिये जानने की कोशिश करते हैं ऐसे ही कुछ एक नामों के बारे में जो अदाकार /गीतकार होने के साथ साथ कई और भूमिकाओं में दिखे

  1. Shailendra
    Parakh: In this film Shailendra ji’s dual role was of dialogue writer lyricist.. and in
    Teesri Qasam Lyricist and Producer created this Masterpiece for us. Just one bit of trivia. The film was never shot in any part of Bihar. Teesri Kasam was shot in and around Mumbai and Bina.
    shailendra on screen :’Chali kaun se des ‘the poor man singing alongside playing the musical instrument, merely to eke out living, is also Shailendra!
  2. Kedar sharma
    Among the lyricists wearing many hats, one name will be counted among the top artists of the golden era of the Hindi films. Yes, the name is none other than the “One and lonely Kidar Sharma ” ji. From the days of penning lyrics and dialogues for the legendary K L Saighal sahab’s Devdas, Sharma ji produced, directed, wrote several films. He introduced several great actors and composers to the Hindi film world. His career spanned from the thirties till the eighties. His work for the Children’s Film Society of India is also worth mentioning. Saying that Sharma ji was one of the greatest geniuses would be an understatement.
    Here is a soulful song penned by him for the film Jogan (1950), which he also directed. Song: Dagmag dagmag dole naiyya, MD: Bulo C Rani sahab, Singer: Geeta Dutt (nee Roy) ji. Filmed on Nargis ji. Melody at its best. Kidar Sharma in his autobiography mentions that Nargis considered Jogan to be her finest film as an it Devdas, Bawre Nain, Suhaag Raat, Neel Kamal , Shokhiyaan or Hamari Yaad Aayegi , Kidar sahab’s lyrics were always top notch. 
  3. Ravindra jain
  4. Farooq Qaiser : has been an under recognized lyricist in spite of some wonderful songs written by him over 4 decades in films ranging from Aji Bas Shukriya, Parasmani, Shikari to Aitbaar and beyond..He also wrote dialogue-s and was the associate director in a few films
  5. G D Madgulkar The famous lyricist, story writer and creator of one the most famous creations ever the Geet Ramayan
  6. R D BURMAN : I am falling in love with stranger
    Singers – ursula vez,Deewar ,Lyrics by R D BURMAN (?)
  7. Umar Ansari :’Sheesha’ released in 1952 was produced by Umar Ansari who was also the lyricist of this movie….This was the only movie for which he penned songs….The other lyricists of Sheesha were Shakeel Badayuni and Majrooh Sultanpuri..
  8. Basu Bhattacharya :Apart from Lyricist, Basu Bhattacharya contributed in the following fields too in Panchvati :Screen Play Writer,Dialogue Writer,Director,Producer
    ‘Mann Hai Columbus, Chetna Ka Compass – Panchvati (1986)
  9. Lyricist QAMAR JALALABADI..…Produced Film: Aansoo (1952)
  10. Anand Bakshi :Ke aaja teri yaad aaye ,The start of this beautiful song was by Anand Bakshi along with RAFI SAAB n LATA
  11. Gulshan Bawara.…in this song, he rendered his voice also. singer :Kishore, Bhupendra, RD Burman, Swapan C, Gulshan B.Pyar Humein Kis Mod Pe Le Aaya 
  12. Satyajit Ray.(Manikda)  Hirak Rajar Deshe, Aaha ki Aanando. He got the three national awards for it Best Film, best composer AND best lyricist. Anup Ghoshal who sang it got national for best singer for another movie. Manikda was lyricist, writer, composer, screenplay writer, director for the movie. No one else could do so many departments so well. also gave background music for the movie and wrote the story.
  13. T.Rajendar who is a well-known producer, director, actor, lyricist, screenplaywriter, music director, editor, dialogue writer et al in Tamil/Tamizh cinema..
  14. Vrajendra Gaur was the dialogue/screenplay/lyrics writer for the only movie that he ever directed “Kasturi (1954)”. Music composed by Pankaj Mullick…Singer : Binota Chakraborti.Main Toh Haar Gayi Mann …
    Main Toh Haar Gayi Mann.
    The lyricist. Vrajendra Gaur sahab wrote many songs but later started writing screenplay and dialogue for films like kati patang, anuraag, sharmeelee, saraswatichandra, the great gambler, bimal roy’s parineeta, geet gaata chal, teen deviyaan, manzil, baat ek raat ki, jhumroo, chinhe great gambler, etc.Etc,a town, howrah bridge, sangram, lal paththar, 
     in Zalzala (1952) he wrote all the wonderful songs. It seems like he had good association with Pankaj babu.
  15. Bharat vyas :Bharat vyas was a fine singer too..
    – Chhip Chhip Kar Mat Dekho Ji – Man Ki jeet
  16. Sheetal :Honey released in (1982) The movie’s star, producer, director, music director, lyricist, etc. were all Sheetal.
  17. Gulzar
  18.  Swanand kirkire : Swanand’s name appear in the credits of “Hazaaro.n Khwahishe.n Aisi”, many many times.. As an actor (played a singing villager), As a singer and ofcourse as Chief Assistant Director of the film. Swanand actually started his carrer as asst director to Sudhir Mishra and was the Chief Assistant Director in the film (also a few more like Chameli and Calcutta Mail).
  19. Avinash Vyas : A very soulful rendition by one and only Mukeshji, Lyrics and Composed by the great Avinash Vyash.
    Pankhida ne Aa Pinjaru Junu Junu
  20. P.L. Santoshi
  21. D.N. Madhok
  22.  Aziz Kashmiri.
  23. Kamal Amrohi, whose original name was Syed Amir Hyder Kamal Naqvi.he adopted the name Kamal Amrohvi as a poet. When he was a teenager .
    Mausam Hai Aashiqana
  24. Mahipal.Lata ‘s first playback in aap ki ..”paa lagu kar jori re”….was written By Mahipal who was more known for his career as actor.
  25. Nida fazli. A celebrated stage poet and literary giant, he has written dialogues and two songs in the film Dev 2004.
  26. KAifi Azmi
  27. Rajendra Krishan :Rajendra Krishna was a man of many literary talents. He, perhaps, would come at the top as lyricists who worked with almost all of the leading, and many of lesser known music composers of different eras. He wrote stories for films like Payal Ki Jhankar, Khel Mohbbat Ka, wrote the full screenplays for Man Mandir, Padosan; and penned just the dialogues for nearly 50 films, many of which even had lyrics written by someone else.Padosan, a comedy film, originally film is based on Bengali story “Pasher Bari” by Arun Chowdhury.But this 1968 Comedy film is written by Rajendra Krishan. Dialogue, Screenplay also by Rajendra Krishan and Lyrics by Rajendra Krishan
  28. Prem Dhawan : The music for the 1970 film, Pavitra Paapi, was composed by Prem Dhawan. He also wrote the lyrics for all the songs which became very popular.
  29. Yeshwant Dev.: Lyricist of this song is Yeshwant Dev. So is the music Director. Lata is the singer…
    Jeevanat hee ghadi – Kamapurta Mama (maru bihag raag based)
  30. Ashok patki
  31. Datta davjekar,
  32. sudhir moghe
  33. Zia Sarhadi :  ‘Naadaan-1943’, A Film Directed By Zia Sarhadi Who Also Penned Five Songs Out Of 11 Songs In The Film. Madam Noorjehan Sang 6 Beautiful Solo Songs In The Film Composed By MD Datta Korgaonkar
  34. sanjay leela bhansali
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