Mausam hai aashiqana !

28 Mar

meena kumariKamal Amrohi, whose original name was Syed Amir Hyder Kamal Naqvi. Born in Amroha on January 17, 1918, he adopted the name Kamal Amrohvi as a poet. When he was a teenager, he ran away to Lahore after a fight at home. He was noticed by the Principal of the Government College at Lahore who took pity on the wayward boy who under no cost wanted to return home. It was under the condition that Kamal would promise to top the exams which he did. But even before graduation, he wrote many stories which were published in magazines and newspapers. When the editors asked to see the contributor, Kamal Amrohi would not go to the office as he was too young to be taken seriously as a writer. When he was twenty years old, he landed in Bombay after a brief stint at calcutta. He met Sohrab Modi and offered him a story that was made into Jailor. Impressed with his skills as a poet and writer, Modi asked him to do the screenplay, dialogue and write lyrics for several songs of his next story, the acclaimed film, Pukar (1939). The chaste language used in the film and brought to life by Modi and Prithviraj kapoor made Kamal Amrohi get recognized as a talented writer/poet.
After some more assignments, he was ready to direct a film. Upon learning that Bombay talkies was looking for a good story to stem its losses in late 1940s, Kamal Amrohi went to present his story. It was instantly liked and was being negotiated for purchase by the studios. Kamal Amrohi made the condition that he would part with the story only if he got to direct the film. When told that he had never assisted anyone with direction or made a film before, there was hesitation to give him the assignment. Only when Ashok Kumar heard the story and advised the owners to take the plunge with this hitherto-unknown Director, was Mahal produced. The rest is history.



An amazingly talented poet and writer, he turned into a perfectionist as a Director. It did not matter that films he envisioned took years to decade to complete. Every set was visualized by the Director, every line of screenplay finalized, every tiny detail that the mind could envision and the eyes could see was planned from the locales to the bangles worn by the protagonist..the result was that among five or so films he directed, two made history of the kind that remain unmatched. He also continued to write screenplay and dialogues for other films and occasionally wrote lyrics for a few songs in his films. here is the song he wrote for the most elegant and beautiful film!

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