Dhunak re Dhun ye Dhunak

31 Jan

This article is written by Arun mudgal

इस दुनिया को …धुनक
धुनक रे धुन ये धुनक …..

Though there are a number of songs by Mohammed Shafi which has been on my playlist for years, a composer of great calibre and with an keen eye and understanding the finer aspects of musical arrangement his songs are always a delight to listen to.

But this song ‘ Dhunak re Dhuniye Dhunak…’ from 1947 Film Shikarpuri is kind of composition which despite being simple remains with the listener for long because of the simple melodic effect which Mohammed Shafi could great with the superb arrangements. And the way Khan Mastan rendered it is just overtakes the listener with his lovely and melodious tonal quality. The lyrics by A Shah Aziz are absolutely engaging.

And as Mohammed Shafi is also known for his Sitar Playing,  therefore I am also sharing a very rare sitar Version of the Ratan song ‘ Rum Jhum Barase Badarwa…..’ which is played on Sitar By Mohammed Shafi.

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