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13 Jan
sajjadLata and Sajjad come together was only a handful of songs (14 to be precise) but what resulted is considered to be a miracle in the realms of musical history of Hindi Films.. and this film was like the prima donna of this magical music kingdom.

Alongwith a couple of Shamshad solos, a Geeta solo, a Meena Kapoor solo (both which are in true sense of the word, beautiful) and a few GM Durrani solos stands strong two Lata Mangeshkar songs in this film which definitely make a staunch mark on the listeners. Penned by Sagar Nizami, here is LataDi’s hauntingly nerve-shivering ‘jaate ho to jao hum bhi yahaaN waadoN ke sahaare jee lenge..’ from KHEL (1950) Lata sang 14 songs for Sajjad Hussain, details are provided below :-

sajjad hussain  [person sitting with the tie]. pic courtesy :sudarshan talwar

sajjad hussain
[person sitting with the tie]. pic courtesy :sudarshan talwar

Sr. no. Film Name Song Name Lyricist Year
1. Khel Jaate ho to jaao hum bhi yaha Sagar Nizami 1950
2. Khel Bhool ja ae dil mohabbat ka fasana.. Shams Azimabadi 1950
3. Hulchal Bahar aayi magar dil ke…luta dil mera hai aabaad hokar.. Khumar Barabankvi 1951
4. Hulchal Aaj mere naseeb ne mujhko rula rula diya.. Khumar Barabankvi 1951
5. Saiyyan Hawa mein dil dole.. Rajendar Krishan 1951
6. Saiyyan Khayalon mein tum ho nazaro mein tum ho Hasrat Jaipuri 1951
7. Saiyyan Qismet mein khushi ka naam gham ke sawere.. Rajendar Krishan 1951
8. Saiyyan Kaali kaali raat ae dil bada sataye.. D.N.Madhok 1951
9. Saiyyan Woh raat din woh shaam ki ujdi hui kahaniya jaa tere ghar DN Madhok 1951
10. Saiyyan Tumhe dil diya ye kya kiya maine duniya ka dard le liya maine D.N.Madhok 1951
11. Sangdil Woh to chale gaye ae dil.. Rajendar Krishan 1952
12. Sangdil Aaj preet ne tod di..dil mein sama gaye sajan.. Talat Mehmood Rajinder Krishen 1952
13. Rukhsana Tera dard dil mein basa liya.. Khumar Barabankvi 1955
14. Rustam Sohraab Ae dilruba nazarein mila.. Jaan Nisar Akhtar 1963
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