हृदयि प्रीत जागते जाणता अजाणता

06 Jan

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हृदयि प्रीत जागते जाणता अजाणता…..Kumar Gandharva - Raga Kanada Bahar - leaf

There are songs which become a permanent resident in your playlist once listened and even after listening for decades keep on playing in your

mind. The Melody, the lyrics and the singing all the elements fall in perfect line in these songs.

हृदयि प्रीत जागते जाणता अजाणता… such a song from 1961 Marathi film Suvasini rendered by Asha in her superb sweet and accurately emoted voice under the baton of one of the sweetest and greatest melody makers in Hindi and Marathi films


Sudhir Phadke. Listen and feel how each and every word penned by G D Madgulkar takes shape on the musical notes and in the singers voice creating a perfect picture of soft, sweet, gentle and decent romance in the listeners mind.

Listening this song from decades but the magic still intact and it just takes my being with it in the environs of silky and soft romance… !!

#Arun Mudgal ji

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