02 Jan

There was only one film where Shailendra could worked with Pancham, which was unfortunate for Pancham.


But even one film “Chhote Nawaab” gives a fair good picture of how great this team could have been had they worked more.. Pancham-Shailendra teaming was known even from the days when Pancham was assisting Data and used to get songs from Shailendra.. Specially the Kissa where Pancham drove Shailendra to MArine Drive at Midnight where Shailendra penned Khoya Khoya Chand on a match box in just a couple fo minutes..

Here is the show case of what Class, Pancham-Shailendra coming together was!

सूना सूना घर मोहे डसने को आये रे खिड़की पे बैठी बैठी सारी रैन जाये रे

घर आजा घिर आये बदरा सांवरिया

मोरा जिया धक धक रे चमके बिजुरिया

Ghar Aaja Ghir Aaye Badra – Mehmood & Ameeta – Chhote Nawab

-courtesy :pij
pic: debu

pancham -shailendra

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