song(s) whose lyrics include name of raag

01 Jan

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बिगड़े ठाठ से काम बने क्या

मेघ बजे ना मल्हार

पंचम छेड़ो मद्धम बोले षडज बने गंधार …..

This immortal song composed by one of the most prominent pioneers of developing and establishing HFM in its beginning the one and only R C Boral not only contain the name of raagas in it but the Swar and Chalan of a raaga are also there, a song which a only a pioneer and Maestro of the order of Boral could only compose . Boral was not only aware of the Raga corpus in Traditional Hindustani classical music, but also stood out as its conscious explorer. It does not, therefore, come as a surprise that in ‘Street Singer he could compose a song almost bordering on ‘Lakshangeet’ in ‘Jeevan been madhur….’ . This composition included listing of musical features of raga, instruments, etc., and emphasized words to bring out the poetic craftsmanship involved in such a song . And when K L Saigal’s Golden voice renders it the listener is engaged to his/her core in its beauty !

K.L.Saigal – Jeevan Been Madhur Na Baaje – Film Street Singer

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