Mohammed Shafi

01 Jan
This post is written by Nikhil

Mohammed Shafi Saheb was an immensely talented composer, but never got what he deserved.Gharana(1949) had some extremely beautiful songs which are rarely heard…

Here is a very rare gem from Gharana rendered by Shaukat and Premlata….Fantastic composition by Mohammed Shafi and lyrics by Baba Alam Siahposh

“Tera Budapa Umar Meri Bali”.

To read more about mohammed shafi click here

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One response to “Mohammed Shafi

  1. Dr Iftikhar A Sayed

    August 2, 2014 at 10:58 pm

    Thank you so much for posting this valuable information. Yes, so far his contributions have remained unrecognized. Hopefully, articles like this one will create and develop some understanding, about our “not-so-famous” but lovely music directors like Mohammad Shafi and others, will not be totally forgotten from the music industry. I am sorry to hear about his hardship during the last days of his life. Sadly, it has happened with numerous artists, in the world of cinema; which is a lucrative but ruthless business, indeed.
    Appreciate it, thank you again.


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