16 Dec
lata with waheeda rehmanरोज़ी : कुछ बोलो तो जी, कैसे गाइड हो?
राजू: मेरी यह समझ में नहीं आया ….कल तक आप लगती थी 40 साल की औरत जो ज़िन्दगी की
हर ख़ुशी, हर उमंग, हर उम्मीद बीच कहीं रस्ते में खो आई है…. और आज लगाती है 16 साल
की बच्ची भोली, नादान, बचपन की शरारत से भरपूर ……
रोज़ी: जानते हो क्यूँ ?

राजू: क्यूँ?रोज़ी: ओ …ओ ..ओओ ….काटों से खिंच के यह आँचल
तोड़ के बंधन बांधे पायल
कोई न रोको दिल की उड़ान को
दिल वो चला ह ह हा हा हा हा
आज फिर जीने की तमन्ना है
आज फिर मरने का इरादा है ……….

This song and the preceding dialog remains Waheeda’s most favorite. Talking about this song, she says —

Much of the credit should go to Lata ji, not only for this song, but for many compositions of Burman dada. She understood the filmic situation perfectly, what character might be feeling at that moment in the story and created the right mood through her singing. Before the song starts, there is a scene in which Raju (the character Dev plays) tells Rosie (the character I play): Yesterday you were like a middle-aged woman, tired of life. Today you are like a 16-year old girl, free and elated, flying like a bird and then the song begins. Lata ji has put in so much feeling in the song. When I first heard it, and if I hear it now, after so many years, I still feel like jumping with joy, as I did in the film and think: Today I feel like living again, today I feel like dying

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