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by Archana Gupta

Shri D. N. Madhok was a multi-faceted, well rounded personality in the world of Indian film making. While he is best known as a lyricist, his portfolio also boasts of Direction, Story, Screenplay, & Dialogue writing, Acting, as well as Production of a few films. Very few film personalities can claim such versatility and well-roundedness, imho. Yet, he is a relative unknown for the cine-goers of today – such is the travesty!

He was born on October 22, 1902, at Gujranwala (now in Pakistan) to the modest family of a First Class Post Master. He completed Bachelor of Arts* from Lahore and worked for the Railways for some time before moving to Bombay in 1931. Thus started the thirty eight year (1931**-69) long, active association with the Film Industry in various capacities.

His first film as a lyricist was Radhey Shyam (alternate title Zulm-e-kans) in 1932. He wrote 29 songs for that one!!! He also wrote the screenplay for that film – a practice that became very prevalent in the initial two decades of Hindi cinema and was to some degree practiced later too. He played a small role in this film as well as “helped” with composing the music though there is no official credit given to him as a composer. In the same year, he also directed 3 ventures – Lure of Gold, Flame of Love and Three warriors (likely re-released or released in 1937 as Dilfarosh). In 1933, he directed and wrote lyrics and songs for a film called Khoobsurat Bala. For the next three years, he wrote screenplays and dialogues as well as directed a few films but there was no output as a lyricist. His next films as a lyricist were Dilfarosh (possibly re-released) and Lahari Lutera in 1937. He also continued to direct Hindi and Punjabi films during these years

Eventually, in 1939, he associated with Ranjit Movietone and never looked back as a lyricist. Some of his major output for Ranjit came in the form of songs for films like Nadi Kinare, Diwali, Holi, Musaafir, Paagal, Beti, Dhindhora, Ummeed, Mehmaan, Bansuri, Chandani, Pardesi , Sasural, Shadi, Bela, Nurse, Bhakt Surdas, and Tansen etc.. Many of these soundtracks – especially last two, enjoy popularity to date.

He was also instrumental in introducing Naushad to the film industry – Naushad was chosen as Assistant MD for Punjabi film Mirza-Sahibaa (1939) at Madhok Sahib’s recommendation. This film was directed by D. N. Madhok himself. Songs of Naushad’s first independent venture, Ranjit Movietone’s Prem Nagar (1940), were also penned by D.N. Madhok. Subsequently, they worked together for a number of films like Mala (‘41), Sharda (’42), Kanoon, Namaste, Sanjog (’43), Geet, Jeevan, Pehle-Aap, Rattan (’44). Of these, Rattan was the most successful. Ironically, it was also their last venture together.

Madhok sahib was an extremely prolific song-writer. In his 116 film career, he has produced 850 songs *** ! It is said that he was so busy that he dictated songs on the phone at one point in time!!! Understandably, he worked with most of the big and small MDs of that time like Gyan Dutt, N. R. Bhattacharya, Khemchand Prakash, Bulo C. Rani, Naushad, Khursheed Anwar, Pt. Amarnath, Sardul Kwatra, Anil Biswas, R.C. Boral, Robin Chatterjee, Sunder Das, Rashid Atre, C.Ramachandra, Sajjad Hussain, Ghulam Haider, Vinod, Gobind Ram, Husnlal-Bhagatram, A.R. Qureshi, Roshan, Sardar Malik, Ghulam Mohammad, and Hansraj Behl etc.

His lyric writing was extremely versatile as well, covering a wide gamut of styles and emotions in his lyrics. Though he mostly wrote in a simple language prevalent at the time and used colloquial expressions – think “Rumjhum barse badarwaa” (Rattan), “Ghir ghir aaye baadal kaare” (Daak Bangla) etc., he was also capable of penning ghazals like “Ham ishq ke maaron ko “ , “Parwaanon se preet seekh le” (Bilwamangal), “Dil mein shama jala ke tere intezaar ki” (Sabak), and “Aaye bhi vo, gaye bhi vo” (Namaste) etc.. On one hand he expressed romance and longing in its simplicity as in “Jaadoogar balmaa tere nainon mein jiya kho gaya”, “Aaja kahin door chalen” (Pahle Aap), “Main kali bagh ki ,tu bhanwra”(Prem Nagar), “Maati ka but bhaa gayaa” (Do Dil) or “Tu kaun si badli mein mere chaand hai aajaa” (Khandaan), light-hearted teasing as in “Yun chhup chhup ke“ (Taraana), “Ankhiyaan milaa ke, jiya bharmaa ke” (Rattan) and heartbreak in extreme in songs like “vo raat din, vo sham kii guzari hui kahaniyaan” (Saiyan), “Ai dard zara dam le” (Zamaana), “Jab tum hi chale pardes” (Rattan), “Ai dil-e-beqaraar bol” (Fariyaad). On the other hand, he penned funny lyrics, bordering on ridiculous like “balahaarii re kukadakuun bol”, and “duniyaa mein sab jode, jode” (Sharda). In between, came the devotionals like “Nainheen ko raah dikha prabhu” (Bhakt Surdas), light philosophical numbers as “Jeene ka dhang sikhaaye ja” (Parwaanaa), “Jhoom, jhoom kar baadal aaye “(Khamosh Sipahi), and Patriotic/motivational lyrics as in “Bekhabar jag zaraa”, “Hindustan ke hum hain, Hindustan hamara” (Pahle Aap), “Watan ki maati haath mein lekar” (Gaaon) – but all were delivered with equal ease, or so it seems.

While looking through songs that he has penned, two things struck me – in many of his romantic numbers, the lady is perpetually worried about the future and of being left – which I guess is a reflection of times and is perhaps not so unusual for songs of that era, just stood out for me. Second was the fascination with elements of nature, especially clouds – baadal, badarwaa , badali (just look at Ratttan soundtrack for example – there are atleast four songs that fit) and different birds, be it koyal , papeeha or simply panchhii. He has used them extensively – there were songs like “Ambuvaa pe baitha panchhi kya bole” (Prem Nagar) – both the characters express their thoughts and feelings using Panchhi as the representation, then there were case where characters talk to the birds and describe their feelings as in “Panchhi ja, peechhe raha hai bachpan mera” (Sharda) and many more and then there are many songs where koyal/papeeha/panchhi just set a stage but were sure there…

Some other notable soundtracks ,that he contributed to as a lyricist, are Sneh, Lagan (1938), Kanchan, Pyaas (1941), Zameendaar (1942), Ishaara, Zabaan (1943), Daasi (1944), Shiirii-Farhaad, Preet, Dhamaki (1945), Anjuman, Kaajal (1948), Karwat, Saawan Aaya Re, Sunhere Din (1949), Khiladi, Anmol Ratan, Dilruba, Rasiya (1950), Goonj (1952), Dard-e-Dil (1953), Janam Janam ke Sathi, Barati, Majboori (1954), Oot Patang (1955), Aabroo, Makkhichoos (1956), Maharani Padmini (1964), Tasveer (1966) Samay Bada Balwaan (1969).

To round-off his extremely impressive portfolio, it is essential to mention that he established Mansarovar Pictures and produced and directed two movies – Nao (1948) and Khamosh Sipahi (1950) for which he wrote lyrics and dialogues as well. In all, he directed 17 films, last of which was Madhubala Ltd’s Naata in 1955. Additionally, he also wrote screenplay for a number of films like Bhakt Surdas, Tansen, Shadi, Pardesi, Parwaana, Sharda, Nadi Kinare, Dasi, Khandaan, Rattan etc.

He left for his heavenly abode on July 9th, 1982(in Hyderabad )at the age of 80 but his songs are still very much alive in the hearts and minds of Hindi Film Music Lovers. This is a humble attempt to pay an ode to unsung (pun-intended) hero that was Pt. Dina Nath Madhok.

** Some accounts claim that he worked for New Theatres before coming to Bombay but there is no evidence of any work as a lyricist prior to Radhey Shyam in 1932.

*** Some articles on the net put the number of songs at over 2000 but more reliable sources indicate the number to be closer to 850.

References and Acknowledgements:

1. “Hindi Filmon Ke Geetkar” by Anil Bhargav 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Hindi Film Geet Kosh – A BIG thank you to Surajit for patiently checking all the songs against Geetkosh to make sure they were correctly credited…. ======================================*======================================

Inputs shared by Arund mudgal ji
*A very minor correction is that D N Madhok did not pass his B.A Exam. Actually he with one of his Farsee professor Taslimuddin Fauzdaar in Dayal College Lahore used to spent a great amount of time in Mehfils and i Dramas that D N Madhok could not devote much time to his studies and he failed in his B.A Exam. And after that his Father go him appointed as a Babu in Railways !

In his interview Dr. Prirhvi Madhok( his son)  talked quite a lot about his one interesting information he gave that in latter period of his life D N Madhok got deeply interested in astrology , used to predict things. Also that right from his New Theater Days he developed a strong friend ship bond with three of his that time friends Prithviraj Kapoor, K L Sehgal and Jagdish Sethi ! And also the reasons of his shifting to Lahore once more in 1940s .

Quiz time :
How was DN Madhok related to Dev Anand?

D N Madhok was also related to Devanand at family level as Dev’s sister got married with HIS SON DR. Prithvi Madhok


D. N. Madhok ji also wrote 4 songs for the film Ehsaan in 1954. 2 Lata songs were by Kaif Irfani,
 4 Asha songs by DNM

audio courtesy : Madan 

1. Bairee Hai Bedard Zamaanaa Dil Ne Kahaa Thaa Maine Na Maanaa
Film Name: Ehsan (1954)
Singer(s): Asha Bhosle
Lyrics: D.N.Madhok
2. Ik Baar Kah De Sajan Too Meraa Ho Gayaa Sau Baar Kah Doongee Main Teree

divshare audio : ikbaar keh de sajan : audio courtesy :aditya pant ji

Film Name: Ehsan (1954)
Singer(s): Asha Bhosle
Lyrics: D.N.Madhok
3. Meraa Baankaa Balamavaa Laakhon Mein Ek

mera baanka balamva :audio courtesy _Arun mudgal ji

Film Name: Ehsan (1954)
Singer(s): Asha Bhosle
Lyrics: D.N.Madhok
4. Meraa Bas Hove Suhaag Kee Rekhaa Teree Main Badalaa Doon
Film Name: Ehsan (1954)
Singer(s): Asha Bhosle & Chorus
Lyrics: D.N.Madhok


  1. Aabroo
  2. Anmol Ratan
  3. Anjuman
  4. Beti Dhindhora
  5. Bansuri Pardesi
  6. Bhakt Surdas
  7. Barati (1954)
  8. Bela
  9. BILWAMANGAL (1950)
  10. Chandani (1942)
  11. Daak Bangla)
  12. Dard-e-Dil (1953)
  13. Daasi (1944)
  14. Diwali
  15. Dilruba
  16. Dhindhora/dhandhora (1941)
  17. Dhamaki (1945)
  18. Dilfarosh (1937)
  19. Do Dil
  20. Ehsaan (1954)
  21. Fariyaad
  22. Firdaus
  23. Gaaon (1947)
  24. Geet
  25. Goonj (1952)
  26. Holi
  27. Ishaara
  28. Janam Janam ke Sathi
  29. Jeevan
  30. Kaajal (1948)
  31. Karwat
  32. Khiladi,
  33. Kanchan (1941)
  34. Kanoon (1943)
  35. Khoobsurat Bala. (1933)
  36. Khamosh Sipahi (1950)
  37. Lahari Lutera (1937)
  38. Majboori (1954)
  39. Maharani Padmini (1964)
  40. MAKHICHOOS (1956)
  41. Mehmaan
  42. Mala (‘41)
  43. Musaafir
  44. Nao (1948)
  45. Nadi Kinare
  46. Namaste (1943)
  47. Nurse
  48. Oot Pataang (1955)
  49. Paagal
  50. Pardesi
  51. Parwaanaa (1947)
  52. Pehle-Aap,
  53. Prem Nagar
  54. Preet
  55. Pyaas (1941)
  56. Radhey Shyam. (alternate title Zulm-e-kans) in 1932.
  57. Rattan (’44)
  58. Rasiya (1950)
  59. Sabaq (1950)
  60. Samay Bada Balwaan (1969)
  61. Sasural
  62. saiyyan (1951)
  63. singaar (1949)
  64. Saawan Aaya Re,
  65. Shadi (1941)
  66. Shiirii-Farhaad,(1945)
  67. Sharda (’42)
  68. Sanjog (’43)
  69. Sneh, Lagan (1938)
  70. Sunhere Din (1949)
  71. Tasveer (1966)
  72. TARANA
  73. Tansen (1943)
  74. Ummeed
  75. Zamaana
  76. Zameendaar (1942)
  77. Zabaan (1943)

पंडित नरेंद्र शर्मा, अपने साथी गीतकार डी एन मधोक से जुड़े अनुभव बांटते हुए (साभार :लावण्या जी ) .सुनने  के लिए यहाँ  क्लिक करें :

डी एन मधोक और संगीतकार / List of Music Directors for whom D. N Madhok wrote lyrics

Here is a partial list of Music Directors for whom Dina Nath Madhok wrote lyrics. This list has been compiled by Apoorv Moghe.

  1. A.R.Qureshi
  2. Anil Biswas
  3. Anupam Ghatak
  4. B.N.Bali
  5. Badri Prasad
  6. Banne Khan – Nawab Khan
  7. Bashir Dehlvi
  8. Bulo C.Rani
  9. C.Ramachandra
  10. Chitragupta
  11. Damodar Sharma
  12. Ghulam Haider
  13. Ghulam Mohd.
  14. Gyan Dutt
  15. H.C.Bali
  16. Hansraj Behl
  17. Hanuman Prasad
  18. Hari Prasanna Das
  19. Husnalal Bhagatram
  20. Khemchand Prakash
  21. Khwaja Khurshid Anwar
  22. Madan Mohan
  23. Naresh Bhattacharya
  24. Naushad
  25. Ninu Majumdar
  26. Pt. Amarnath
  27. Pt. Govindram
  28. R.C.Boral
  29. Rashid Attre
  30. Robin Chatterjee
  31. Roshan
  32. S.D.Batish
  33. Sajjad Hussain
  34. Sardar Malik
  35. Sardul Kwatra
  36. Sunder Das Bhatia
  37. Usha Khanna
  38. Vasant Prabhu
  39. Vinod

pic courtesy:k.c pingle

माना जाता है कि संगीतकार अनिल बिस्वास के साथ उन्होंने सिर्फ तराना फिल्म में काम किया .फिल्म में 4 (चार) गीत डी एन मधोक के लिखे हुए थे !


Association with singers

  13. Vishnupant Pagnis
  14. Vasanti.

Dina Nath Saheb had written a rare and a sweet bhajan in Bhakt Raj (1943)….Rendered beautifully by Vishnupant Pagnis and Vasanti….This was one of the earliest movies composed by Anna Chitalker and great lyrics written by Dina Nath Saheb..
bolo bolo prabhu je more bolo_courtesy _nikil
audio link:

फिल्म संइयां (Saiyyan )_M/D-Sajjad Hussain

link :

D.N.Madhok **Red: UNKNOWN /Blue: INCORRECT**
Sr. No Year Film Songs Singers Music Director
1 1932 Radhe Shyam Duniya Jhoothi Duniya Khoti.. Khursheed Banne Khan – Nawab Khan
2 Main Nahin Samjha Mere Bhagwan.. Khursheed Banne Khan – Nawab Khan
3 Kal Tero Gokul Mein Paapi Phootna.. Gangaprasad Phatak Banne Khan – Nawab Khan
4 Kal Tero Gokul Mein Vrindavan Raas Rachaaye.. Gangaprasad Phatak Banne Khan – Nawab Khan
5 Sun Kook Tihaari Vishnu Ji Khud Raas Rachaane.. Gangaprasad Phatak Banne Khan – Nawab Khan
6 Aao Gokul Ki Baar Braj Ki Naar.. Mohan Banne Khan – Nawab Khan
7 Hriday Mein Thes Lagi Kaisi.. Mohan Banne Khan – Nawab Khan
8 Kit Gaayein Hain Baanke Bihaari.. Radha Banne Khan – Nawab Khan
9 Kya Naam Hain Yeh Pyaare Maadho.. Radha Banne Khan – Nawab Khan
10 Oon Oon Sumro Naam Pyaara.. Jamuna Banne Khan – Nawab Khan
11 Aaja Tu Mere Laal Tujhe.. Phoolkumari Banne Khan – Nawab Khan
12 So Jaa Tu Mere Jaaye Waah Paapi.. Phoolkumari Banne Khan – Nawab Khan
13 Chinta Na Karo Aayenge Yehi Gopal.. D.N.Madhok Banne Khan – Nawab Khan
14 Chatur Naar Bharmaaya.. UNKNOWN Banne Khan – Nawab Khan
15 Chhalak Na Jaaye Gori Gagari.. UNKNOWN Banne Khan – Nawab Khan
16 Ghat Ghat Raatein Teen.. UNKNOWN Banne Khan – Nawab Khan
17 Is Pyaari Booti Se Bhaiyya.. UNKNOWN Banne Khan – Nawab Khan
18 Jai Yaadav Raaye Om Jai Yaadav.. UNKNOWN Banne Khan – Nawab Khan
19 Jamuna Ke Neer Teer.. UNKNOWN Banne Khan – Nawab Khan
20 Jap Mann Radha Krishna Muraari.. UNKNOWN Banne Khan – Nawab Khan
21 Jhoola Jhulaon Main Banke Prem Bhikhari.. UNKNOWN Banne Khan – Nawab Khan
22 Jhoola Jhulat Hain Nandalaal.. UNKNOWN Banne Khan – Nawab Khan
23 Kaise Guzaaron Ratiyaan Re.. UNKNOWN Banne Khan – Nawab Khan
24 Kaun Jogi Hue Kaanon Mein.. UNKNOWN Banne Khan – Nawab Khan
25 Loota Re Mero Jagake Joban Maathe.. UNKNOWN Banne Khan – Nawab Khan
26 Mero To Giridhar Gopal.. UNKNOWN Banne Khan – Nawab Khan
27 Naa Jaa Shyam Muraari Sada.. UNKNOWN Banne Khan – Nawab Khan
28 Naachat Hain Muralidhar Mohan.. UNKNOWN Banne Khan – Nawab Khan
29 1933 Khubsurat Bala Aayi Nainon Ki Bahaar Rasiya Chalo.. UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
30 Baanke Gopal Laal Brij Ke Gopal.. UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
31 Humne Tumhe Pehchhan Liya.. UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
32 Hey Govind Hey Gopal Tere Gun Gaoon.. UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
33 Jag Ek Fasana Kahaani Hain.. UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
34 Main To Preet Kiye Pachhtaayi.. UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
35 O Banke Chitwanwaali.. UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
36 Pyaasi Bilkha Rahi Barson Se.. UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
37 Us Mohini Ne Mann Moh Liya.. UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
38 Zara Humro Nagari Aaja Nainon Mein.. UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
39 1934 Chalta Purza Ab Radhe Krishna Tera Simma Re.. Vimla Damodar Sharma
40 Didaar Krishna Tera Ek Baar To.. Vimla Damodar Sharma
41 Ghat Kaali Kaali Chhai Rut Pyaari.. Vimla Damodar Sharma
42 Jaan Ko Apni Jalaon Kab Talak Raag.. Vimla Damodar Sharma
43 Jeevan Se Main To Haari.. Vimla Damodar Sharma
44 Kanhaiyya Nayan Ki Khidki Se.. Vimla Damodar Sharma
45 Chain Nahin Aaraam Nahi Birha.. Motibai Damodar Sharma
46 Jai Durge Durgati Parihaarini.. Motibai Damodar Sharma
47 Piya Mose Nahin Bole Sakhi Ri.. Motibai Damodar Sharma
48 Na Maaro Paani Ke Chhinte Hamaro.. Mansoor Damodar Sharma
49 Prem Nagari Aur Naiyyan Khewaaye.. Shiraz Damodar Sharma
50 Jai Bharat Ki Sat Naar Jai Mata.. UNKNOWN Damodar Sharma
51 Kaahe Maaro Nain Baan Sajanwa.. UNKNOWN Damodar Sharma
52 Deewane Bane Mujhko.. UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
53 Dekho Dekho Jee Meri Bhang.. UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
54 Ho Nandlal Gokul Ka Ujiyaala.. UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
55 Jaa Main Tose Naahi Bolongi.. UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
56 Kaise Paaon Main Sajan.. UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
57 Maano Maano Mera Saajna Hain.. UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
58 Saajan Mohe Maaro Na Sajan.. UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
59 Sunder Shyam Hamare Pyaare.. UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
60 1934 Deewani Bigadi Baat Banaye Prabhu Ab Kaul Liye.. UNKNOWN H.C.Bali
61 Dwaar Tere Pe Jogi Aaye Hain.. UNKNOWN H.C.Bali
62 Ganbnua Nahi Jaaiye Bina Julani.. UNKNOWN H.C.Bali
63 Geet Sunaaongi Tohe Gaa Ke.. UNKNOWN H.C.Bali
64 Is Jeevan KiPhoolwari Pe Koi Bulbul.. UNKNOWN H.C.Bali
65 Is Prem Ki Chot Buri Hain.. UNKNOWN H.C.Bali
66 Jahaan Prem Ke Baaghon Mein.. UNKNOWN H.C.Bali
67 Jai Jai Jai Giriraj Kishori.. UNKNOWN H.C.Bali
68 Na Chhadha Din Rasm Wafa Di.. UNKNOWN H.C.Bali
69 Pardesi Saiyyan Ho Jiya Lage Na Mora.. UNKNOWN H.C.Bali
70 Prem Dor Vaah Dor Hain.. UNKNOWN H.C.Bali
71 Ran Mein Chal Ranveer Ri.. UNKNOWN H.C.Bali
72 Thumak Chal Chale Albeli Naar.. UNKNOWN H.C.Bali
73 Tirchi Nazariya Se Maar Gayo Baalam.. UNKNOWN H.C.Bali
74 1937 Laheri Lutera Dhalak Na Jaaye Mori Gagari.. UNKNOWN Damodar Sharma
75 Din Aaye Bahaar Ke Pyaare.. UNKNOWN Damodar Sharma
76 Ghanshyam Sundar Ke Neh Bheenje.. UNKNOWN Damodar Sharma
77 Hai Agar Jee Mein Tere Yehi.. UNKNOWN Damodar Sharma
78 Hari Hari Saawan Ki Rut Bhave.. UNKNOWN Damodar Sharma
79 Jeena Hain Ek Neend Jagat Mein.. UNKNOWN Damodar Sharma
80 Kaahe Preet Ke Geet Sunaaye.. UNKNOWN Damodar Sharma
81 Khili Re More Mann Ki Kali.. UNKNOWN Damodar Sharma
82 O Chain Se Sonewaale.. UNKNOWN Damodar Sharma
83 Tu Preet Ki Reet Kya Jaane.. UNKNOWN Damodar Sharma
84 1938 Zamana Ae Dard Zara Dum Le Zara Karwat To.. Amir Jaan Sunder Das Bhatia
85 Honi Hain Balwaan Jagat Mein.. Amir Jaan Sunder Das Bhatia
86 Is Paap Ki Duniya Se Ab Aur Kahin Le Chal.. Amir Jaan Sunder Das Bhatia
87 Saawan Ki Rut Aaye Sajaniya.. Gope Sunder Das Bhatia
88 Phenko Yeh Chaai Todo Yeh Chulha.. Vasant Sunder Das Bhatia
89 Aao Aao Kaalejwaalon Buton Ko Polish Karwalo.. Vasant Sunder Das Bhatia
90 Aaj Hamare Pyare Hum Sang Jhoole.. Amir Jaan, Gope Sunder Das Bhatia
91 Kyun Neha Ho Lagaaye.. Vasant, Padmadevi Sunder Das Bhatia
92 More Angana Mein Bansi Baja Jaa.. Amir Jaan, Padmadevi Sunder Das Bhatia
93 Mehndi Ke Hare Paat Radha Raani.. UNKNOWN Sunder Das Bhatia
94 1939 Dekha Jaayega Aaja O Jaanewale Sote Mein Aanewale.. Khursheed Sunder Das Bhatia
95 Papiha Bole Pihu Pihu.. Khursheed Sunder Das Bhatia
96 Vaah Kahein Kaahe Main Idhar Aaon.. Khursheed Sunder Das Bhatia
97 Aayi Jo Pari Paimaane Mein.. UNKNOWN Sunder Das Bhatia
98 Ab To Khush Hoke Mauje Udaayenge Hum.. UNKNOWN Sunder Das Bhatia
99 Hamein Sone Na De Saari Raat Sanam.. UNKNOWN Sunder Das Bhatia
100 Na Maa Baqi Rahi Na Baap.. UNKNOWN Sunder Das Bhatia
101 Paise Ka Geet Sunane Jao.. UNKNOWN Sunder Das Bhatia
102 Peena Aaj Ka Jeena Aaj Ka.. UNKNOWN Sunder Das Bhatia
103 Sharmaaye Mora Joban Jiya Ghabraaye.. UNKNOWN Sunder Das Bhatia
104 1940 Aaj Ka Hindustan Bala Joban Nahi Maane Pade.. Sitaradevi Khemchand Prakash
105 Hai Paapi Jiya Nahi Maane.. Sitaradevi Khemchand Prakash
106 Yeh Pyaari Chahat Yeh Meethi Ulfat.. Charlie Khemchand Prakash
107 Itna Dukh Sehne Pe Bhi.. Ishwarlal Khemchand Prakash
108 Charkha Chalao Behnon.. Ishwarlal Khemchand Prakash
109 Daga Deke Chale Gaye Ho Baalam.. Sitaradevi, Kantilal Khemchand Prakash
110 Aaj Ban Than Ke Main Unko.. UNKNOWN Khemchand Prakash
111 Bhanwara Matlab Ko Pehchaane.. UNKNOWN Khemchand Prakash
112 1940 Holi Naina Sharabi Rand Tore Kalejwa Par.. Sitaradevi Khemchand Prakash
113 Pihu Bahaar Gaaye Jaa.. Sitaradevi Khemchand Prakash
114 Pagle Mann Kise Sunaata Hain.. Kantilal Khemchand Prakash
115 Oonchi Nigaahon Ke Teer Mere Kaari Hain.. Kalyani Mitra Khemchand Prakash
116 Sajna Hum Tum Bin Bhaye Udaas.. Amritlal Khemchand Prakash
117 Preet Kiye Pachtaaye Saajan.. Sitaradevi, Kantilal Khemchand Prakash
118 Dhanwaalon Ki Duniya Hain Yeh.. Sitaradevi, Kantilal Khemchand Prakash
119 Phagun Ki Rut Aayi Re.. Sitaradevi, Amritlal Khemchand Prakash
120 Laakh Chhupare Koi Mann Mein.. Motilal, Amritlal Khemchand Prakash
121 Jeevan Mein Saras Savera Aaya.. UNKNOWN Khemchand Prakash
122 Phir Phagun Ki Rut Aayi.. UNKNOWN Khemchand Prakash
123 1940 Jhoothi Sharm Banke Panchhi Bole Pritam Pritam.. Bimlakumari Badri Prasad
124 O Sajni O Sajni Baadal Aaye.. Bimlakumari Badri Prasad
125 Piya Ghar Aana Re Tum Bin.. Bimlakumari Badri Prasad
126 Phoolon Ki Laayi Hoon Maala.. Iqbal Begam Badri Prasad
127 Saaqi Dil Bujh Hi.. Iqbal Baig Badri Prasad
128 Kis Vidhi Apne Piya Ko Rijhaoon.. UNKNOWN Badri Prasad
129 1940 Musafir Meri Aankhon Mein Mann Mein Piya.. Khursheed Badri Prasad
130 Maan Le Kehna Mera.. Charlie Badri Prasad
131 Khatmal Ki Hain Basti Ya Hain Machhar Ka Thikaana.. Charlie Badri Prasad
132 Apni Shaam Bhai Aur Jagwaalon Ka.. Kantilal Badri Prasad
133 Akeli Na Jaiyo Radhe.. Vasanti Badri Prasad
134 Gori Tera Nirmal Joban.. Vasanti Badri Prasad
135 Radha Rani Roothi Ghanshyam Manaye.. Vasanti Badri Prasad
136 Who Bisri Kahaani Sun Meri Jawaani.. Vasanti Badri Prasad
137 Topiwaale Babuji.. Brijmala Badri Prasad
138 Gaaongi Gaaongi Main To Girwar Ke Gun.. Vasanti, Gulab Badri Prasad
139 Kisne Hara Hain Mera Bhola Mann.. Khursheed, Vasanti Badri Prasad
140 Rut Basant Ki Aayi Piya.. Khursheed, Vasanti Badri Prasad
141 1940 Prem Nagar Gopia Vallabh Radhe Shyam.. Prof. Ramanand Sharma Naushad
142 Mann Ke Taar Hila.. Prof. Ramanand Sharma Naushad
143 Main Kali Baagh Ki.. Husn Bano Naushad
144 Aaye Re Pi Ki Nagariya.. Sharda Naushad
145 Ambua Pe Baitha Panchhi.. Prof. Ramanand Sharma, Husn Bano Naushad
146 Tum Ho Aaha Ka.. Prof. Ramanand Sharma, Bimlakumari Naushad
147 Mat Bolo Bahar Ki.. Prof. Ramanand Sharma, Bimlakumari Naushad
148 Haan Haan Tu Mera Chhela.. Fetty Prasand, UNKNOWN FEMALE VOICE Naushad
149 Shyam Kya Jaane Meri.. chorus Naushad
150 Tum Bin Chain Na.. UNKNOWN Naushad
151 1941 Dhandora Chambila Koli Maara Na Goli.. Charlie Gyan Dutt
152 Ek Do Teen Chaar Panch.. Charlie Gyan Dutt
153 Jee Jee Naam Nahin To.. Charlie Gyan Dutt
154 Lut Gaya Lut Gaya.. Charlie Gyan Dutt
155 Main Na Jaongi Haan Haan.. Shamim Gyan Dutt
156 Dhak Dhaknis Din Saanjh Savere.. Charlie, Shamim Gyan Dutt
157 O Hitler Ae Hitler Left Right.. UNKNOWN Gyan Dutt
158 1941 Kanchan Batado Koi Kaun Gali More Shyam.. Leela Chitnis Gyan Dutt / Naushad
159 Saare Jag Se Nyari Hain.. Leela Chitnis Gyan Dutt
160 Mori Gali Aa Re Sajan… Leela Chitnis Gyan Dutt
161 Nainan Mein Laali Chhayi Re.. Leela Chitnis Gyan Dutt
162 Tere Nainon Ke Maare Sipahiya.. Leela Chitnis Gyan Dutt
163 Sach Kaho Re More Raja.. Iqbal Gyan Dutt
164 Nadiya Ke Tat Pe Khadi Hoon.. Leela Chitnis, Arun Gyan Dutt
165 Jamuna Ke Us Paar.. Leela Chitnis, Suhas Gyan Dutt
166 More Mann Ki Nagariya.. Parul Ghosh, Leela Chitnis Gyan Dutt
167 Main Teri Main Teri Qismat.. Iqbal, Kantilal Gyan Dutt
168 1941 Mala Kaahe Barse Jaaye Badariya.. Amirbai Karnataki Naushad
169 Aayenge Saajan Aayenge.. Miss Rose Naushad
170 Haye Bhadon Ki Kaali Kaali Raat Re.. Miss Rose Naushad
171 Dekh Liya Jag Tera.. Sheetal Ghosh Naushad
172 Kyun Naina Bhar Aaye.. Sheetal Ghosh Naushad
173 Madhoji Madhoji Bharat Mein Phir Aao.. Heerakumari Naushad
174 1941 Pyaas Sakhi Ri Chalo Neer Bharan.. Snehprabha Pradhan Khemchand Prakash
175 Who Din Bhi Hain Yaad Sajan.. Snehprabha Pradhan Khemchand Prakash
176 O More Raaja Babu Aa Tohe Sair Kara Doon.. Shamim Khemchand Prakash
177 Bhulaana Na Yaad Karo.. Snehprabha Pradhan, Ishwarlal Khemchand Prakash
178 Nadi Kinaara Ho Taaron Bhari Raatein.. Snehprabha Pradhan, Ishwarlal Khemchand Prakash
179 Banaanewale Gadha Mujhko Banaya Hota.. Gope, Ishwarlal Khemchand Prakash
180 Jaake Nain Matwaale Hain.. Snehprabha Pradhan, Shamim, Ishwarlal Khemchand Prakash
181 Ab Ghar Aao Baalam Meri Qasam.. UNKNOWN Khemchand Prakash
182 Thak Gaye Hain Mere Aansoo.. UNKNOWN Khemchand Prakash
183 1941 Pardesi Ab Kahaan Basera Apna.. Khursheed Khemchand Prakash
184 Pehle Jo Mohabbat Se Inkaar Kiya Hota.. Khursheed Khemchand Prakash
185 Mori Atariya Hain Suni Mohan Nahi Aaye.. Khursheed, Snehprabha Pradhan Khemchand Prakash
186 1941 Sasural Ek Meethi Nazar Banke.. Rajkumari Gyan Dutt
187 Who Apna Jaadu Nigaahon Se Azma Rahe.. Rajkumari Gyan Dutt
188 Aankhon Mein Aa Gaye Ho.. Brijmala Gyan Dutt
189 Baala Joban Beet Jaaye.. Brijmala Gyan Dutt
190 Is Aankh Mein Jaadu Hain.. Motilal Gyan Dutt
191 Tohe Motor Mein Baitha Doon.. Motilal Gyan Dutt
192 Panghat Se Liiye Aati Hoon.. Gulab Sheetal Ghosh Gyan Dutt
193 Bhanwara Kaara Kaliyon Ko Kare Ishaare.. Noorjehan, Kantilal Gyan Dutt
194 Door Door Door Durangi Duniya.. Noorjehan, Kantilal Gyan Dutt
195 Kaise Kategi Ratiyaan Tum Vahaan.. Noorjehan, Kantilal, Motilal Gyan Dutt
196 Bibi Bole Nahi Kunda Khole.. UNKNOWN Gyan Dutt
197 Kab Rahogi Kanwaari Guiyaan.. UNKNOWN Gyan Dutt
198 1941 Shaadi Ae Dil Kahan Le Jaoon.. Khursheed Khemchand Prakash
199 1941 Ummeed Jeevan Ka Balidaan Kar De.. Kantilal Khemchand Prakash
200 Jaago Jee Neend Laal.. Kesari Khemchand Prakash
201 More Angana Mein Aaja Piya.. Prabha Iqbal Khemchand Prakash
202 Motor Dheere Dheere Haank Re Driver.. Gulab Ishwarlal Khemchand Prakash
203 Aaja Aaja O Jaanewale.. Kantilal, Brijmala Khemchand Prakash
204 Bandhu Re Mere Bandhu Re.. Kantilal, Gulab Ishwarlal Khemchand Prakash
205 Gend Samajhke Uchhalo Na Sajaniyaan.. Noorjehan, Ishwarlal Khemchand Prakash
206 Haan Ambava Pe Bole Koyaliya.. Gulab Ishwarlal, Prabha Iqbal, Brijmala Khemchand Prakash
207 1942 Bhakt Surdas Nain Hi Ko Raah Dikha Prabhu.. K.L.Saigal Gyan Dutt
208 Nis Din Barsat Nain Hamare.. K.L.Saigal Gyan Dutt
209 Rain Gayi Ab Hua Savera.. K.L.Saigal Gyan Dutt
210 Qadam Chale Aage Mann Peeche Bhaage.. K.L.Saigal Gyan Dutt
211 Madhukar Shyam Hamare Chor.. K.L.Saigal Gyan Dutt
212 Din Se Dugni Ho Jaaye Ratiya.. K.L.Saigal Gyan Dutt
213 Jholi Bhar Taare La De.. Khursheed Gyan Dutt
214 Naina Re Dekhein Unke Nain.. Khursheed Gyan Dutt
215 Madhur Madhur Gaa Re Manwa.. Khursheed Gyan Dutt
216 Panchhi Baanwra Chand Se Preet Lagaaye.. Khursheed Gyan Dutt
217 Sar Pe Qadam Ke Chhaiyya.. K.L.Saigal, Rajkumari Gyan Dutt
218 Chandni Raat Hain.. K.L.Saigal, Khursheed Gyan Dutt
219 1942 Chandni Giridhari O Giridhari Chhed Muraliya.. Khursheed Khemchand Prakash
220 Dil Aah Bhare Aise Ke Mora Mann Jal De.. Khursheed Khemchand Prakash
221 Main Chand Hoon Ya Chandni.. Khursheed Khemchand Prakash
222 Nindiya Jhulaave Meri Munni Ko Bulaave.. Khursheed Khemchand Prakash
223 Suno Suno Mera Mann Kuch Bole.. Khursheed Khemchand Prakash
224 Bolo Re Bolo Re Koi Meethi Baani Bolo.. Khursheed, Ishwarlal Khemchand Prakash
225 Daayein Tere Sanny Biraaje.. UNKNOWN Khemchand Prakash
226 1942 Fariyaad Saiyyan Na Jaiyo Na Jaiyo.. Rajkumari Khemchand Prakash
227 Yaad Kisiki Aayi Dil Ko De De.. Ishwarlal Khemchand Prakash
228 Kitaab Mujhko Banata To Tera Kya Jaata.. Ishwarlal Khemchand Prakash
229 Ae Dil Beqaraar Bol.. Shamim Khemchand Prakash
230 Phir Chhayi Badariya Kaali.. Shamim Khemchand Prakash
231 Rasiya Aa Aaja Rasiya.. Ishwarlal, Shamim Khemchand Prakash
232 Meethi Meethi Peer Kyun Jiya.. UNKNOWN Khemchand Prakash
233 1942 Jhankar Nainon Mein Aaja Balam.. Rajkumari Bashir Dehlvi
234 Jao Ji Mere Babuji.. Gope Bashir Dehlvi
235 Is Dil Ka Thikaana Kaun,, Pramila Bashir Dehlvi
236 Raat Haneri Maahi We.. Pramila Bashir Dehlvi
237 Dil Ki Dhadkan Par Gaa Kuch.. Dulari Bashir Dehlvi
238 1942 Mehmaan Baan Na Taan Gori.. Rajkumari Khemchand Prakash
239 Kya Chain Se Baithe Hain Bechain Mujhe Karke.. Rajkumari Khemchand Prakash
240 Roothna Pyar Mein Karwat Ka Badal Jaana Hain.. Bulo C.Rani Khemchand Prakash
241 Aayi Atariya Pe Sone Na Sone Diya.. Shamim Khemchand Prakash
242 Is Ghumti Duniya Mein Hain Kiska Thikaana.. Shamim Khemchand Prakash
243 Teer Unka Kaleje Ke Us Paar Nahi Hota.. Shamim Khemchand Prakash
244 Yeh Mere Bhaiyya Yeh Unka Dil Hain.. Shamim Khemchand Prakash
245 Daga Deke Chale Nahin Jaana.. Sunila Dasgupta Khemchand Prakash
246 Saiyyan Gaye Pardes Main Soye Raahi.. Sunila Dasgupta Khemchand Prakash
247 Akele Honge Ri Chal Jamna Ke Paar.. Rajkumari, Kesari Khemchand Prakash
248 Meri Jholi Mein Hain Mere Chor.. Rajkumari, Kesari Khemchand Prakash
249 Zara Dheere Ho Dheere Sajanwa.. Shamim, Rama Shukla Khemchand Prakash
250 1942 Sharda Panchhi Jaa Peeche Raha Hain Bachpan.. Suraiyya Naushad
251 It Jaaye Ut Jaaye Nazariya Dole.. G.M.Durrani Naushad
252 Duniya Mein Sab Jode Jode.. G.M.Durrani Naushad
253 Baalam Aa Aa Baalam More.. Nirmaladevi Naushad
254 Beech Bhanwar Mori Naav It Ut Paar.. Nirmaladevi Naushad
255 Ghir Aayi Badariya Ghar Aao.. Nirmaladevi Naushad
256 Tum Nahi Aate Ho Nahi Aao.. Nirmaladevi Naushad
257 Mere Dil Ko Saajan Samjha Do.. Suraiyya, Nirmaladevi Naushad
258 Mai Waari Re.. G.M.Durrani, Shyamsunder Naushad
259 1942 Zamindar Armaan Tadapte Hain Pehlu Mein Mere Aake.. Shanta Apte Ghulam Haider
260 1943 Bansari Hum Tumse Maangte Hain.. Amirbai Karnataki Gyan Dutt
261 Mere Mann Ko Meri Jaan Ko.. Charlie Gyan Dutt
262 Aaya Aaya Karo Idhar Bhi Meri Jaan.. Charlie Gyan Dutt
263 Dard Jaaye Na.. Shamim Gyan Dutt
264 Chham Chham Chamke Jyot Sakhi Ri.. Shamim Gyan Dutt
265 Rasiya Ho Rasiya Ho Hamare Raja.. Bulo C.Rani, Leela Sawant Gyan Dutt
266 Kaale Rang Tihaare Sajanwa.. Ishwarlal, Shamim Gyan Dutt
267 Jabse Mili Dar Se Khaak.. UNKNOWN Gyan Dutt
268 Dil Lagaya Tha Dillagi Ke Liye.. UNKNOWN Gyan Dutt
269 1943 Bhaktaraj Bahaar Aayi Re Koyal Kook Uthi.. Amirbai Karnataki C.Ramachandra
270 More Raja Ji Ho More Raja Ji.. Rajkumari C.Ramachandra
271 Prabhu Ji Mere Aao Chahoon.. Vishnupant Pagnis C.Ramachandra
272 Bolo Bolo He Prabhu Ji More.. Vasanti C.Ramachandra
273 Kahaan Kh=aala Kaala Main Tera Matwala.. Vasanti C.Ramachandra
274 Kaisa Sunder Sama Suhana.. Vasanti C.Ramachandra
275 Mere Naina Tujhe Dhoondhe Hain.. Kaushalya C.Ramachandra
276 Mat Kar Tu Abhimaan Jhoothi.. Vishnupant Pagnis, Vasanti C.Ramachandra
277 Jo Hum Bhale Bure To Tere.. Vishnupant Pagnis, Kaushalya C.Ramachandra
278 Prabhu Aaye Tore Dwaar.. Vishnupant Pagnis, Kaushalya, Kantilal C.Ramachandra
279 Jaag Musafir Chal De Aage.. UNKNOWN C.Ramachandra
280 1943 Chirag Chhitki Hui Kirne Hanste Hue Taare.. Ishwarlal Khemchand Prakash
281 Kaagaz Ke Purze Dil Ka Haal Suna De,, Kaushalya Khemchand Prakash
282 Phir Nahi Jaane Ki Jawani.. Gope Khemchand Prakash
283 Do Bol Mohabbatwale Koi Bolo.. Ishwarlal, Kaushalya Khemchand Prakash
284 1943 Ishaara Panghat Pe Paghat Pe.. Suraiyya Khwaja Khurshid Anwar
285 Hamein Gham De Ke.. Gauhar Sultana Khwaja Khurshid Anwar
286 Sajanwa Aaja Re.. Gauhar Sultana Khwaja Khurshid Anwar
287 Shabnam Kyun Neer.. Gauhar Sultana Khwaja Khurshid Anwar
288 Dil Le Ke Dagha.. Vatsala Kumthekar Khwaja Khurshid Anwar
289 Ishq Ka Dard Suhana.. Vatsala Kumthekar Khwaja Khurshid Anwar
290 Baaghon Mein Koyal.. Surraiya, Satish Batra Khwaja Khurshid Anwar
291 Dheere Dheere Bol.. Rajkumari, G.M.Durrani Khwaja Khurshid Anwar
292 1943 Kanoon Ek Tu Ho Ek Main Hoon.. Suraiyya Naushad
293 Toot Gaya Ek Taara Mann Ka.. Suraiyya Naushad
294 Aa More Saiyyan Jiya Kalpaaye.. Nirmaladevi Naushad
295 Bolo Bolo Re Sajanwa Main Teri Kya.. Nirmaladevi Naushad
296 Saiyyan Khade More Dwar Mein.. Nirmaladevi Naushad
297 Suno Fariyaad Meri Suno Fariyaad.. Nirmaladevi Naushad
298 Aaye Jawaani Jaaye Jawani Jaake Phir Na.. Suraiyya, Shyam Kumar Naushad
299 Ek Dil Tera Ek Dil Mera.. Suraiyya, Shyam Kumar Naushad
300 1943 Namaste Aaoji Kabhi To Aaoji.. Parul Ghosh Naushad
301 Aaye Bhi Who Gaye Bhi Who.. Parul Ghosh Naushad
302 Dil Ke Pat Khol Ke Dekho.. G.M.Durrani Naushad
303 Jaadugar Mori Nagariya.. G.M.Durrani Naushad
304 Mere Dil Mein In Saikadon.. G.M.Durrani Naushad
305 Aan Milo More Shyam.. Parul Ghosh, G.M.Durrani Naushad
306 Ambuva Pe Panchhi Banwara.. Parul Ghosh, G.M.Durrani Naushad
307 Dil Na Laage Mora Maana.. UNKNOWN Naushad
308 Ghata Chhai Re.. UNKNOWN Naushad
309 1943 Nurse Who Gaye Nahi Hamein Milke.. Rajkumari Gyan Dutt
310 Aankhon Khel Khel Ke.. Khursheed Gyan Dutt
311 Kahani Ban Gayi Mori Tum Sang.. Khursheed Gyan Dutt
312 Mera Nanha Sa Munna.. Khursheed Gyan Dutt
313 Mere Dil Ki Suno Pukaar.. Khursheed Gyan Dutt
314 Kaun Khoj Mein Aaye Musafir.. Bulo C.Rani Gyan Dutt
315 Jeevan Sapna Jag Sapne Ki Chhaya.. Leela Sawant Gyan Dutt
316 Tere Nanhe Giridhaari Ne.. Leela Sawant Gyan Dutt
317 1943 Sanjog Ek Dilwaala Ek Dilwaali.. Suraiyya Naushad
318 Koi Chutki Se Meri Dil Mein Liye Jaaye.. Suraiyya Naushad
319 Mori Gali More Raja Mori Qasam Aaja.. Suraiyya Naushad
320 O More Sanware Saiyyan.. Suraiyya Naushad
321 Jaan Bachi So Laakhon Paaye.. Shyam Kumar Naushad
322 Papiha Kaahe Machave Shor.. Charlie Naushad
323 Udte Hue Panchhi Kaun Bataye Unko.. Suraiyya, Charlie Naushad
324 O Kaun Gali Ka Chhora Pukaare.. Shyam Kumar, Hamida Banu Naushad
325 1943 Tansen Sapta Suran Teen Graam.. K.L.Saigal Khemchand Prakash
326 Ab Raaja Bhaaye More Balam.. Khursheed Khemchand Prakash
327 Ho Dukhiya Jiyara Rote Naina.. Khursheed Khemchand Prakash
328 1943 Zaban Kaagaz Ki Thi Vaah Naav.. Kaushalya C.Ramachandra
329 Tere Ghonsla Bikhra Re Panchhi.. Kaushalya C.Ramachandra
330 Saiyyan Re Saiyyan Tore Raaj Mein.. Vatsala Kumthekar C.Ramachandra
331 Dekha Hain Ek Sapna Suhaana.. Ishwarlal, Kaushalya C.Ramachandra
332 1944 Daasi Dekha Karo Bhagwan.. Zeenat Begam Pt. Amarnath
333 Dhaan Ke Khet Mein Na Jaiyo Raja.. Zeenat Begam Pt. Amarnath
334 Raatein Na Rahi Waah Na Rahe Din.. Zeenat Begam Pt. Amarnath
335 Subah Hui Aur Panchhi Jaage.. Zeenat Begam Pt. Amarnath
336 Who Din Yaad Karo Gaon Ki Chhori.. Zeenat Begam Pt. Amarnath
337 Ghar Baar Ujaada.. S.D.Batish Pt. Amarnath
338 Khamosh Nigahein Yeh Sunaate Hain Kahani.. S.D.Batish Pt. Amarnath
339 Meri Arzoo Dekh Kya Chahta Hoon.. S.D.Batish Pt. Amarnath
340 Chalo Saajan Harjai Balam.. UNKNOWN Pt. Amarnath
341 Ho Rasiya Kabhi Le Chal To Jamuna Ke Paar.. UNKNOWN Pt. Amarnath
342 Milke Bichhad Na Jaana.. UNKNOWN Pt. Amarnath
343 1944 Gaali Nigaahein Churaake Na Jaane Jaanewale.. Manju Hanuman Prasad
344 Aah Jale Dilon Ne Le Shole Uthe.. Nirmaladevi, Karan Dewan Hanuman Prasad
345 Ab Aaja Aaja Dil Na Laage.. Nirmaladevi, Karan Dewan Sajjad Hussain
346 1944 Geet Hua Savera Preetam Mera.. Amirbai Karnataki Naushad
347 Saqi Saqi Dil Bujh Hi Gaya.. Zohrabai Ambalewali Naushad
348 Jaoji Aaoji Dekhenge.. Nirmaladevi Naushad
349 Chand Khila Taare Muskaaye… Nirmaladevi Naushad
350 Main Akeli Raja Aaja Aaja.. Nirmaladevi Naushad
351 Main To Piya Ki Joganiya Hoon.. Nirmaladevi Naushad
352 O Matwaale Preet Kabhi Na Karna.. Allaudin Naushad
353 Bedard Zamana Are Dhoke Ki Yeh Duniya.. Shahu Modak Naushad
354 Kabhi Aag Mohabbat Ki Buujhaayenge… Shahu Modak Naushad
355 O Aag Lagaake Bhaag Gaye.. Shahu Modak Naushad
356 Bedard Zamana Are Dhoke Ki Yeh Duniya.. Nirmaladevi, Shahu Modak Naushad
357 1944 Jeevan Nainon Mein Naina Mat Daalo.. Zohrabai Ambalewali Naushad
358 Aaye Ho Abhi Baitho To Sahi.. Nirmaladevi Naushad
359 Aakhiyaan Milaake Bhaagna Na.. Nirmaladevi Naushad
360 Karlo Mohabbat Karlo.. Nirmaladevi Naushad
361 My Dear I Love You.. Zohrabai Ambalewali, Nirmaladevi Naushad
362 1944 Pehle Aap Hindustaan Ke Hum Hain Hindustaan Hamara.. Mohammed Rafi Naushad
363 Aankh Bhar Aayi.. Zohrabai Ambalewali Naushad
364 Chale Gaye Chale Gaye.. Zohrabai Ambalewali Naushad
365 Jadugar Balma Tore Nainon Mein.. Zohrabai Ambalewali Naushad
366 More Saiyyan Ji Ne.. Zohrabai Ambalewali Naushad
367 Nainon Mein Kishan Muraari Hain.. Zohrabai Ambalewali Naushad
368 Bekhabar Jaag Zara.. Shyam Kumar Naushad
369 Aaja Kahin Door Chalein.. Zohrabai Ambalewali, Shyam Kumar Naushad
370 Kaale Kaale Baadal Aaye.. Zohrabai Ambalewali, Shyam Kumar Naushad
371 Ek Baar Unhe Mila De.. Mohammed Rafi, Shyam Kumar Naushad
372 Tu Dilli Main Agra.. Mohammed Rafi, Shyam Kumar Naushad
373 1944 Rattan Milke Bichhad Gayi Aankhiyaan.. Amirbai Karnataki Naushad
374 Aayi Diwali Aayi Diwali.. Zohrabai Ambalewali Naushad
375 Ankhiyaan Milaake Jiya Bharmake.. Zohrabai Ambalewali Naushad
376 Pardesi Baalam Aa Baadal Aaye.. Zohrabai Ambalewali Naushad
377 Rimjhim Barse Baadalwa.. Zohrabai Ambalewali Naushad
378 Angdaayi Teri Hain Bahaana.. Manju Naushad
379 Jhoothe Hain Sab Sapne Suhaane.. Manju Naushad
380 O Jaanewale Baalamwa.. Amirbai Karnataki, Shyam Kumar Naushad
381 Saawan Ke Baadalon Unse Yeh Jaa Kaho.. Zohrabai Ambalewali, Karan Dewan Naushad
382 Jab Tum Hi Chale Pardes.. UNKNOWN Naushad
383 1945 Dhamki Phir Barsan Laage Haan Nain Matwaale.. Zeenat Begam Pt. Amarnath
384 Mila Ke Akhiyaan Akhiyaan.. Zeenat Begam Pt. Amarnath
385 Yaad Mein Raat Kati.. Zeenat Begam Pt. Amarnath
386 Dard Mohabbat Aah Se Kehde.. Zeenat Begam Pt. Amarnath
387 Aankh Mila Ke Koi Re.. Zeenat Begam Pt. Amarnath
388 Jawaani Mastaani Hain.. Munnavar Sultana Pt. Amarnath
389 Jab Tum Yahan Hum Wahan.. Munnavar Sultana Pt. Amarnath
390 Apne Kothe Mein Khadi.. Munnavar Sultana, Dhaniram Pt. Amarnath
391 Kat Gayi Yaadon Mein Kuch.. UNKNOWN Pt. Amarnath
392 1945 Kaise Kahoon Dukhiya Dil Ek Taraana.. UNKNOWN Pt. Amarnath
393 O Hum Aaj Chale.. UNKNOWN Pt. Amarnath
394 1945 Main Kya Karoon Aaj Hans Hans Ke Do Do Baatein.. Suraiyya Ninu Majumdar
395 Aankh Milaake Baalma.. Surraiya Ninu Majumdar
396 Suno More Raaja Nazariya Milaay Ke.. Surraiya Ninu Majumdar
397 Janiyaan Maaro O Hamri O Rasiya.. Hamida Banu Ninu Majumdar
398 Baamna Ki Chhori Dil Le Gayi.. Hamida Banu, Ninu Majumdar Ninu Majumdar
399 May Gulgoon Hain Jawani Hain.. Rajkumari, Hamida Banu Ninu Majumdar
400 Bachpan Gaya Jawani Aayi.. Suraiyya, Hamida Banu Ninu Majumdar
401 Aaj Hans Hans Ke Do Do Baatein.. Suraiyya, Hamida Banu Ninu Majumdar
402 1945 Panna Dai Fasl-e-Gul Aayi Hamein Yaad.. Begam Akhtar Gyan Dutt
403 Main To Charan Kamal Par Waari… Amirbai Karnataki Gyan Dutt
404 Neele Gagan Par Laali Chhayi.. Rajkumari Gyan Dutt
405 Fasl-e-Gul Aayi Hamein Yaad.. Zohrabai Ambalewali Gyan Dutt
406 Chale Musafir Khaak Qatan Ki Lekar.. Khan Mastana Gyan Dutt
407 More Saanware Salone Kab Ghar Aaoge.. Meenakshi Gyan Dutt
408 Mand Mand Chale Hawa.. Meenakshi Gyan Dutt
409 Apne Hue Paraye.. Meenakshi Gyan Dutt
410 1945 Pehli Nazar Dil Jalta Hain To Jalne De.. Mukesh Gyan Dutt
411 1945 Preet Jiya Dole Jiya Dole Laakh Kahoon.. Amirbai Karnataki Bulo C.Rani
412 More Baalamwa More Saajanwa.. Amirbai Karnataki Bulo C.Rani
413 Mori Galiyon Ki Peepal Nishaani.. Snehprabha Pradhan Bulo C.Rani
414 Holi Khele Nandlal Phaagin Aa Gaya.. Snehprabha Pradhan Bulo C.Rani
415 Main Banke Jogan Aayi.. Snehprabha Pradhan Bulo C.Rani
416 Nain Bhaye More Baanware.. Snehprabha Pradhan Bulo C.Rani
417 Pinjre Ke Panchhi Ud Jaa Re.. Bulo C.Rani Bulo C.Rani
418 Bhool Na Jaana Bhool Na Jaana.. Snehprabha Pradhan, Bulo C.Rani Bulo C.Rani
419 Mann Mein Uthe Uchhale Mere.. Hamida Banu, Snehprabha Pradhan Bulo C.Rani
420 Khaali Paleton Ko Dekho Jiya Jaaye Re.. UNKNOWN Bulo C.Rani
421 1945 Shirin Farhad Angdaayi Teri Yaad Mein Aayi.. Shamshad Begam Pt. Amarnath
422 Armaanon Ki Basti Mein.. Shamshad Begam Rashid Attre
423 Shokh Aankhon Mein Kaalikh Laga Doon.. Shamshad Begam Pt. Amarnath
424 Tu Nahi To Aasra Mujhko Hain Teri Yaad Ka.. Shamshad Begam Rashid Attre
425 Main Kya Hoon Bhala Ye Batao.. Shamshad Begam, S.D.Batish Rashid Attre
426 1946 Shehar Se Door Lo Phir Yaad Kisiki Aayi.. Zeenat Begam Pt. Amarnath
427 Barsaat Ki Raat Kaali Kaali Re.. UNKNOWN Pt. Amarnath
428 Chal Mann Ke Panchhi Desh Begaane.. UNKNOWN Pt. Amarnath
429 Chale Gaye Who Jo Humse Keh Rahe The.. UNKNOWN Pt. Amarnath
430 Mera Nanha Naok Jiyara Dole.. UNKNOWN Pt. Amarnath
431 Na Main Kisiki Na Koi Mera.. UNKNOWN Pt. Amarnath
432 O Chhori Ri Gaon Ki.. UNKNOWN Pt. Amarnath
433 Phir Mast Hawayein Jhoom Jhoom Aayi.. UNKNOWN Pt. Amarnath
434 Rut Aayi Bahaar Ki.. UNKNOWN Pt. Amarnath
435 1947 Bela Mohe Baanke Baalam Lage Pyara.. Zohrabai Ambalewali Bulo C.Rani
436 Pyar Ke Meethe – Meethe Bol Ik Baar Suna Ja.. Zohrabai Ambalewali Bulo C.Rani
437 Mori Gali Aa Re Balam, Nanhi Si Jaan Hai Mera.. Zohrabai Ambalewali Bulo C.Rani
438 Pardesi Piya Re, Ab Mose Na Guzre Rain.. Zohrabai Ambalewali Bulo C.Rani
439 Sukh Leke Dukh De Gaya, Wo Jo Hamara Dil Le Gaya.. Zohrabai Ambalewali Bulo C.Rani
440 Thode Dinon Ki Zindgani, Tu Bhi Faani Hai Main.. Zohrabai Ambalewali Bulo C.Rani
441 Bhadon Ki Raat Re Pade Barsat Re, Akeli Dar Laage. Zohrabai Ambalewali Bulo C.Rani
442 Dekhi Teri Duniya O Duniyawale.. Zohrabai Ambalewali Bulo C.Rani
443 Bheegi – Bheegi Palkein Hain Aur Dil Mein Yaad Tumhari Hai.. Zohrabai Ambalewali Bulo C.Rani
444 Peepal Ke Patwe Se Chikni Meri Gori Re.. Zohrabai Ambalewali, A.R.Oza Bulo C.Rani
445 1947 Daak Bangla Jab Baithe Baithe Dil Bhar Aaye.. Mohammed Rafi Naresh Bhattacharya
446 Raat Andheri Chamke Taare.. Zohrabai Ambalewali Naresh Bhattacharya
447 Aison Se Jee Na Lagaaye.. Surraiya Naresh Bhattacharya
448 Ghir Ghir Aaye Baadal Kaare.. Surraiya Naresh Bhattacharya
449 Ho Ho Chandni Raat Hain.. Surraiya Naresh Bhattacharya
450 Jiya Bhar Aaya Mora Nain Bhar Aaye.. Surraiya Naresh Bhattacharya
451 Jab Bad Ghir Ghir Aaye Re.. Mukesh, Surraiya Naresh Bhattacharya
452 Peepal Ki Chhaon Mein.. Surraiya, Indravadan Bhatt Naresh Bhattacharya
453 1947 Do Dil Do Din Ginti Ke Umariya Ke Beeti Jaaye.. Mohammed Rafi Pt. Govindram
454 Jiya Beimaan Jiya Beimaan.. Mukesh Pt. Govindram
455 Le Matki Aa Ja Radha Ri.. Mukesh Pt. Govindram
456 Pyar Jata Ke Apna Banake Who Gaye.. Mukesh Pt. Govindram
457 Chanda Ki Chandni Mein Hain Rama.. Mukesh Pt. Govindram
458 Din Din Joban Dhalta Jaaye.. Suraiyya Pt. Govindram
459 Phir Hamein Koi Yaad Aaye Hain.. Suraiyya Pt. Govindram
460 Phir Nayan Baanvre Bhar Bhar Aaye.. Suraiyya Pt. Govindram
461 Hamare Saiyyan Daru Pee Ke Aaye.. Mukesh, Rajkumari Pt. Govindram
462 Kaagaz Ki Meri Nao Aur Door Kinara Hain.. Mukesh, Suraiyya Pt. Govindram
463 Maati Ka But Bhi Bha Gaya.. Mukesh, Suraiyya Pt. Govindram
464 1947 Gaon Naina Besabri More Darshan Bin.. Manna Dey Khemchand Prakash
465 Watan Ki Maati Haath Mein Lekar.. Geeta Dutt Khemchand Prakash
466 Kehdo Kaali Badari Daraaye Na.. Rajkumari Khemchand Prakash
467 More Rote Naina Ro Ro Marenge.. Rajkumari Khemchand Prakash
468 Ae Lo Jhoom Jhoom Aane Lage.. Zohrabai Ambalewali Khemchand Prakash
469 Lo Phir Raat Chandni Aayi.. Zohrabai Ambalewali Khemchand Prakash
470 Phir Baadal Ghir Ghir Aaye Re.. Zohrabai Ambalewali Khemchand Prakash
471 Ganga Ki Bhoomi Jamuna Ka Desh.. Karan Dewan Khemchand Prakash
472 Preet Lagaake Kya Fal Paaya.. Karan Dewan Khemchand Prakash
473 Sona Hain Mitti Jiski.. Rajkumari, Zohrabai Ambalewali Khemchand Prakash
474 1947 Pagdandi Ae Lo Baadal Aa Gaye.. Zeenat Begam Khwaja Khurshid Anwar
475 Pardesi Baalam Aayi Ghata.. Zeenat Begam Khwaja Khurshid Anwar
476 Tum Jug Jug Jiyo.. Zeenat Begam Khwaja Khurshid Anwar
477 Ambuva Pe Gaaye.. Zeenat Begam Khwaja Khurshid Anwar
478 O More Raajaji.. Zeenat Begam Khwaja Khurshid Anwar
479 Ik Bawara Panchhi.. Zeenat Begam Khwaja Khurshid Anwar
480 Balma Patwaari Ho Jaaye.. Munnawar Sultana Khwaja Khurshid Anwar
481 Aankhon Ke Paani.. (Part 1) Asha Posley Khwaja Khurshid Anwar
482 Aankhon Ke Paani.. (Part 2) Asha Posley Khwaja Khurshid Anwar
483 Jhulna Dala De.. Zeenat Begam, Munnawar Sultana, Dilshad Begam Khwaja Khurshid Anwar
484 1947 Parwana Ae Phool Hanske Baagh Mein Kaliyaan Khilaaye Jaa.. K.L.Saigal Khwaja Khurshid Anwar
485 Toot Gaye Sapne Sab Mere.. K.L.Saigal Khwaja Khurshid Anwar
486 Us Mast Nazar Pe Padi Jo Nazar.. K.L.Saigal Khwaja Khurshid Anwar
487 Baalam Tujhe.. Mora Maayka.. K.L.Saigal Khwaja Khurshid Anwar
488 Saiyyan Ne Oongli Marori Re.. Rajkumari Khwaja Khurshid Anwar
489 Paapa Papiha Re Pee Pee Na Bol Bairi.. Suraiyya Khwaja Khurshid Anwar
490 Mere Mundere Na.. Suraiyya Khwaja Khurshid Anwar
491 Aaja Baalam Rain.. Suraiyya Khwaja Khurshid Anwar
492 1948 Chanda Ki Chandni Humko Bhoola Diya To Kya Yaad.. Geeta Dutt Gyan Dutt
493 Jab Kaali Kaali Raatein Hogi.. Geeta Dutt Gyan Dutt
494 Jab Teri Yaad Aati Hain.. Geeta Dutt Gyan Dutt
495 O Jaadugar Kaahe Tihaari Gali Aaye.. Geeta Dutt Gyan Dutt
496 Piya Piiya Baaghon Mein Papiha Bole.. Geeta Dutt Gyan Dutt
497 Ulfat Ke Dard Ka Kabhi Maza Lo.. Geeta Dutt Gyan Dutt
498 To Bin Hamaar Piya Re… Sulochana Kadam Gyan Dutt
499 Kaali Kaali Raat Hain Par Saans Teri So Jaaye.. Sulochana Kadam, Bande Hassan Gyan Dutt
500 Chanda Ki Chandni Hain Mauj Hain.. Geera Dutt, Sulochana Kadam Gyan Dutt
501 1948 Laal Dupatta Jahaan Koi Na Ho Wahaan Chalenge Hum.. Sulochana Kadam Gyan Dutt
502 Ari O Ab Tere Bin Mohe Kachhu.. Zohrabai Ambalewali, Ram Kamlani Gyan Dutt
503 1948 Nao Ab Ghar Aaja Aaja Re Pardesi.. Shamshad Begam Gyan Dutt
504 Meri Kahaani Sun Jaa O Jaanewale.. Shamshad Begam Gyan Dutt
505 Saawan Ka Mahina Kaise Jeena.. Sulochana Kadam Gyan Dutt
506 Ab Tere Bina Mera Nahin Thikaana.. Surinder Kaur Gyan Dutt
507 Ek Nazar Waah Yaad Hain.. Surinder Kaur Gyan Dutt
508 Tum Hi Na Ho Hamare Lo Jee Hum Ho Gaye.. Surinder Kaur Gyan Dutt
509 Chori Chori Mori Atariya Pe Aaja Re.. Surinder Kaur, Ram Kamlani Gyan Dutt
510 Bachpan Beeta Din Aaye Jawaani Ke.. Shamshad Begam, Surinder Kaur Gyan Dutt
511 Un Aankhiyaan Mein Dekha Maine Kya.. Shamshad Begam, Surinder Kaur Gyan Dutt
512 Daru Peenewale Babul Daru.. UNKNOWN Gyan Dutt
513 1948 Patjhad Aha Ha O Ho Mera Nanha Baalam UNKNOWN S.D.Batish
514 Are O Koi Maakhan Lelo.. UNKNOWN S.D.Batish
515 Barbaad Karke Mujhe Aabaad Ho Rahe Hain.. UNKNOWN S.D.Batish
516 Bhagwaan Nahi Tere Bina Koi Sahara.. UNKNOWN S.D.Batish
517 Chori Chori Chhup Chhup Ke Aana Re.. UNKNOWN S.D.Batish
518 Jab Tere Dil Mein Nahi Buraai.. UNKNOWN S.D.Batish
519 Jo Unke Mann Mein Basi Thi.. UNKNOWN S.D.Batish
520 Kaali Peeli Badariyaan Ghir Ghir Aayi.. UNKNOWN S.D.Batish
521 Saari Duniya Bhoola Di Hamne.. UNKNOWN S.D.Batish
522 1949 Karwat Ek Rog Laga Baithi Main.. Paro Hansraj Behl
523 Baadal Ghir Aaye Rimjhim Paani Barse.. Asha Bhosle, Geeta Dutt Hansraj Behl
524 1949 Saawan Aaya Re Ae Dil Na Mujhe Yaad Dila.. Mohammed Rafi, Shamshad Begam Khemchand Prakash (with Bharat Vyas)
525 1949 Sunehre Din Thandi Thandi Hawa Jo Aaye.. Shamshad Begam Gyan Dutt
526 Tum Sang Aakhiyaan Milaake.. Surinder Kaur Gyan Dutt
527 Maine Dekhi Jag Ki Reet.. Mukesh, Shamshad Begam Gyan Dutt
528 Maine Dekhi Jag Ki Reet.. (Sad) Mukesh, Shamshad Begam Gyan Dutt
529 Dil Do Nainon Mein.. Mukesh, Surinder Kaur Gyan Dutt
530 Lo Ji Sunlo.. Mukesh, Surinder Kaur Gyan Dutt
531 Umangon Ke Din.. Geeta Dutt, Sulochana Kadam, Surinder Kaur Gyan Dutt
532 1950 Anmol Ratan Dard Mila Hain Tere Pyar Ki.. Lata Mangeshkar Vinod
533 Mere Ghunghat Mein Do Nain.. Lata Mangeshkar Vinod
534 More Dwaar Khule Hain.. Lata Mangeshkar Vinod
535 Taare Wohi Hain.. Lata Mangeshkar Vinod
536 Saajan Aaye Aadhi Raat.. Lata Mangeshkar Vinod
537 Kaale Kaale Baadalon Mein Paani.. Asha Bhosle Vinod
538 Jab Kisi Ke Rukh Se.. Talat Mehmood Vinod
539 Laakhon Mein Ek Hamare.. Nirmaladevi Vinod
540 Shikwa Tera Mein.. Lata Mangeshkar, Talat Mehmood Vinod
541 Yaad Aanewale.. Lata Mangeshkar, Talat Mehmood Vinod
542 1950 Khamosh Sipahi Meri Lut Gayi Duniya Pyar Ki.. Mohammed Rafi Hansraj Behl
543 Daghabaaz Kaun Bharosa Tera.. Surinder Kaur Hansraj Behl
544 Hum Dil Ki Dhadkan Ki Lay Par.. Surinder Kaur Hansraj Behl
545 Meri Galiyon Ki Nishaani Who Paani.. Surinder Kaur Hansraj Behl
546 Saanwara Salona Koi Meri Gali Aaya Hai.. Surinder Kaur Hansraj Behl
547 Ab Kisko Sunaayein Gham Ke Fasane.. Mohammed Rafi, Geeta Dutt Hansraj Behl
548 Jhoom Jhoom Kar Baadal Aaye.. Mohammed Rafi, Geeta Dutt Hansraj Behl
549 Utho Bulbulo To Do Teeliyaan.. Mohammed Rafi, Geeta Dutt Hansraj Behl
550 Kehdo Kehdo Kaali Badli.. Geeta Dutt, Surinder Kaur Khwaja Khurshid Anwar
551 Mora Bhola Sa Balma Re.. Rajkumari, Lalita Deulkar Khwaja Khurshid Anwar
552 Mere Jaisi Nahin Milegi Bholi Bhaali Naar.. Mohammed Rafi, Geeta Dutt, Ram Kamlani Hansraj Behl
553 1950 Khiladi Mast Hawaaon Mein Thandi Thandi.. Suraiyya Hansraj Behl
554 Yeh Kaali Kaali Zulphonwaale.. Sunder Hansraj Behl
555 Yeh Teekhe Teekhe Nainonwaale.. UNKNOWN Hansraj Behl
556 1950 Mann Ka Meet Bhoolnewale Bhoolane Se Yaad Aate Hain.. UNKNOWN Sardul Kwatra
557 1950 Raj Rani Bhanwara Beimaan Gaaye Mohabbat Ke Gaane.. Lata Mangeshkar Hansraj Behl
558 Na Dil Laage Phoolon Mein.. Lata Mangeshkar Hansraj Behl
559 Main Chun Chun Laayi Kaliyaan.. Shamshad Begam Hansraj Behl
560 O Nargis Ne Aankhein Kholi.. Shamshad Beham Hansraj Behl
561 Dharti Hamaari Pe Tu Nit Nit Jhaanke.. Surinder Kaur Hansraj Behl
562 Mera Nanha Naazuk Dil Balma Todna Na.. Surinder Kaur Hansraj Behl
563 Lo Pakdo Pakdo Sajanwa.. Mohammed Rafi, Shamshad Begam Hansraj Behl
564 1950 Sabak Dil Mein Shama Jale Tere Intezaar Ki.. Asha Bhosle A.R.Qureshi
565 Aa Ja Jaane Waale Ki Dil Ki Duniya Humen Bulaaye.. Mohammed Rafi A.R.Qureshi
566 Bachpan Se Yeh Mera Saathi.. G.M.Durrani A.R.Qureshi
567 Aahen Jo Main Na Bharoon Tum Hi Kaho Main Kya Karoon.. Surinder Kaur A.R.Qureshi
568 More Nayan Baanwre Chham Chham Neer Bahayen.. Surinder Kaur A.R.Qureshi
569 Keh Do Humen Na Bekaraar Kare.. Mohammed Rafi, Surinder Kaur A.R.Qureshi
570 Agar Hansi Mein Kabhi … Mohammed Rafi, Surinder Kaur A.R.Qureshi
571 Jhaank Jharokhe Se Tu Mahlon Waale.. Mohammed Rafi, Surinder Kaur A.R.Qureshi
572 Din Gaya Shaam Aayi … Asha Bhosle, Surinder Kaur A.R.Qureshi
573 Ambua Ke Ped Suhaane Kya Kahen.. Asha Bhosle, Surinder Kaur, Premlata A.R.Qureshi
574 1950 Wafa Raam Ji Duhaai Hain.. Talat Mehmood Vinod
575 Sooni Kar Gaye Shaam Hamari.. Talat Mehmood Vinod
576 Gehri Gehri Nindiya Mein Soye Matwaale.. Asha Bhosle, Geeta Dutt Vinod
577 1951 Phoolon Ke Haar Ek Do Teen Char Paanch Chhe.. Mubarak Begam Hansraj Behl
578 Bach Bachke Jawani Pag Dhare Phisal Na Jaaye.. Mubarak Begam Hansraj Behl
579 1951 Saiyyan Kaali Kaali Raat Re Dil Bada Sataaye.. Lata Mangeshkar Sajjad Hussain
580 Who Raat Din Who Shaam Ki.. Lata Mangeshkar Sajjad Hussain
581 Tumhe Dil Diya Yeh Kya Kiya Maine.. Lata Mangeshkar Sajjad Hussain
582 Us Paar Is Deewar Ke Jo Rehte Hain.. Mohammed Rafi Sajjad Hussain
583 1951 Tarana Kya Khabar Thi Ki.. Lata Mangeshkar Anil Biswas
584 Mose Rooth Gayo Mera Sanwariya.. Lata Mangeshkar Anil Biswas
585 Yun Chup Chup Ke.. Lata Mangeshkar Anil Biswas
586 Beimaan Tore Nainwa Nindiya Na Aaye.. Lata Mangeshkar Anil Biswas
587 1952 Goonj Dil Leke Na Jaana.. Mohammed Rafi Sardul Kwatra
588 Ghadi Main Loon Angdai.. Rajkumari Sardul Kwatra
589 Chale Jaa Rahe Ho.. Suraiyya Sardul Kwatra
590 Meri Zindagi Mein Tum Kyun Aaye.. Suraiyya Sardul Kwatra
591 Aa Gaye Jinko Dekh Dekh Sharmao.. Suraiyya Sardul Kwatra
592 Kyun Khel Preet Ka Khela.. Suraiyya Sardul Kwatra
593 Pyar Bhi Aata Hai.. Asha Bhosle, Talat Mehmood Sardul Kwatra
594 Yeh Lehraate Balkhaate Raaste.. Mohammed Rafi, Uma Devi, Trilok Kapoor Sardul Kwatra
595 1952 Insaan Do Dil Hote Sajna To Bada Maza Tha.. Asha Bhosle B.N.Bali
596 1952 Tarang Badi Mushkil Se Aisi Shaam Aayi Hain.. Mohammed Rafi, Geeta Dutt Chitragupta
597 1953 Dard-e-Dil Na To Din Hi Din Who Rahe Mere.. Lata Mangeshkar R.C.Boral
598 1953 Firdaus Aaja Ki Dil Tujhko Ro Ro Pukaare.. Asha Bhosle Robin Chatterjee
599 Kisi Bewafa Ke Sataye Hain.. Asha Bhosle Robin Chatterjee
600 Kalam Dawaat More Saswa Ne.. Geeta Dutt Robin Chatterjee
601 Chandni Raat Hain.. Geeta Dutt Robin Chatterjee
602 Aisi Nazar Se Na Dekho.. Rajkumari Robin Chatterjee
603 Taqdeer Mujhe Meri Mehfil Mein.. Rajkumari Robin Chatterjee
604 Dekhi Re Anadi Tori Preet.. Rajkumari Robin Chatterjee
605 1953 Gharbaar Khet Pake Udd Udd Jaa.. Asha Bhosle, Surendra Vasant Prabhu
606 1953 Pehli Shaadi In Nainon Ke Dono Kinaare.. Asha Bhosle Robin Chatterjee
607 Mose Kahi Na Jaayegi Tose Suni Na Jaayegi.. Hemant Kumar Robin Chatterjee
608 O Daak Babu Are O Daak Babu.. Shamshad Begam Robin Chatterjee
609 Tum Haan Kehdo Main Jee Jaon.. Geeta Dutt, G.M.Durrani Robin Chatterjee
610 1954 Aurat Teri Yeh Kahani Raat Guzarti Jaaye.. Asha Bhosle Bulo C.Rani
611 1954 Barati Koi Kehde Papiha Se Jaake.. Lata Mangeshkar Roshan
612 Aaja O Belwa.. Lata Mangeshkar Roshan
613 Dhak Dhak Kare Dil.. C.Ramachandra Roshan
614 Naach Le Bawariya Tohe Lene Aaya.. Asha Bhosle, S.Balbir Roshan
615 1954 Bilwa Mangal Kaajalwaali Aakhiyaan Mori Toh.. Shamshad Begam Bulo C.Rani
616 Chubh Gaye Do Naina Matwaare.. C.H.Atma Bulo C.Rani
617 Mohan Pyaare Ab Aur Saaz Par Gaa Re.. C.H.Atma Bulo C.Rani
618 Panghat Pe More Shyam Bajaye Muraliya.. C.H.Atma Bulo C.Rani
619 Yeh Raat Din Ke Phere.. C.H.Atma Bulo C.Rani
620 Jaake Nain Pyaare Pyaare Hain.. Suraiyya Bulo C.Rani
621 Parwanon Se Preet Seekh Le.. Suraiyya Bulo C.Rani
622 Hum Ishq Ke Maaron Ko.. Suraiyya Bulo C.Rani
623 Bachpan Beeta Aayi Jawani.. Suraiyya Bulo C.Rani
624 Hum Itna Tumse Kehke Chale Jaayenge.. Suraiyya Bulo C.Rani
625 O Deewali Ke Diye.. C.H.Atma, Suraiyya Bulo C.Rani
626 Ab Suni Bhayi Re Atariya Hamaar.. C.H.Atma, Suraiyya Bulo C.Rani
627 1954 Ehsaan Mera Banka Balamwa Laakhon Mein Ek.. Asha Bhosle Madan Mohan
628 Ek Baar Kehde Sajan Tu Mera Ho Gaya.. Asha Bhosle Madan Mohan
629 Mera Bas Hove Suhag Ki Rekha.. Asha Bhosle Madan Mohan
630 Bairi Hai Bedard Zamana.. Asha Bhosle Madan Mohan
631 1954 Majboori Yeh Behta Hua Paani Samjha Raha Hain.. Asha Bhosle Robin Chatterjee
632 Aankhein Ro Ro Haar Gayi.. Asha Bhosle Robin Chatterjee
633 Bhanware Ne Kali Se Kuch Bol Diya.. Asha Bhosle Robin Chatterjee
634 Jaago Jaago Jaago Behne Hua Savera.. Talat Mehmood Robin Chatterjee
635 Aaye Khushiyon Ke Din Ghoomke Baadal.. Meena Kapoor Robin Chatterjee
636 Aankhein Bhari Hui Hain Aur Dil Bhara.. Talat Mehmood, Meena Kapoor Robin Chatterjee
637 Tere Poojan Ko Bhagwan Bana Mann Mandir.. Asha Bhosle, Hamida Banu Robin Chatterjee
638 1954 Pyaase Nain Kaanton Mein Daaman Ulajh Gaya.. Asha Bhosle, Bulo C.Rani Bulo C.Rani
639 1954 Rasiya Who Humse Chup Hain.. Lata Mangeshkar Bulo C.Rani
640 Phir Chhedne Aayi Hain Kaali Badariya.. Lata Mangeshkar Bulo C.Rani
641 Chupke Chupke Dil Mera.. Lata Mangeshkar Bulo C.Rani
642 Mat Kahiyo Sajan Hum Jaate Hain.. Lata Mangeshkar Bulo C.Rani
643 Hans Hanske Mere Dil Pe Bijli.. Lata Mangeshkar Bulo C.Rani
644 Yeh Kaali Kaali Ratiyaan.. Asha Bhosle Bulo C.Rani
645 Giri Bhanwar Mein Naav Hamari.. Asha Bhosle Bulo C.Rani
646 1955 Madhur Milan Ambva Pe Boli Koyaliya.. UNKNOWN Bulo C.Rani
647 1955 Oot Patang Meri Ulfat Soyi Hain Yahan.. Lata Mangeshkar Vinod
648 Mohabbat Ne Kaise Diye Humko Dhoke.. Lata Mangeshkar Vinod
649 Main Jadugar Hoon Karigar Hoon.. Mohammed Rafi Vinod
650 Aayi Aayi Re Malaniya Bikaner Se.. Sudha Malhotra Vinod
651 Haye Raam Kanta Laga Re Sanwariya.. Sudha Malhotra Vinod
652 Mera Nanha Sa Dil Hain.. Mohammed Rafi, Sudha Malhotra Vinod
653 Lad Gayi Bichhu O Buti Meri Maa.. Mohammed Rafi, Sudha Malhotra Vinod
654 Jhanak Jhanak Baaje Paayal Tori.. Geeta Dutt, Sudha Malhotra Vinod
655 Meri Ulfat Soyi Hain Yahan.. UNKNOWN Vinod
656 1956 Aabroo Jo Kal Banaya Tha Aashiyaana.. Asha Bhosle Bulo C.Rani
657 Ek Dil Who Bhi.. Talat Mehmood Bulo C.Rani
658 Ae Phool Khushi Mein.. Geeta Dutt Bulo C.Rani
659 Tumko Dil De Baithe Hain.. Mohammed Rafi, Meena Kapoor Bulo C.Rani
660 1956 Dhake Ki Malmal Behta Paani Behta Jaaye.. Asha Bhosle, Kishore Kumar, Manna Dey Robin Chatterjee
661 1956 Makheechoos Duniya Ke Bazaar Mein.. Talat Mehmood, Sudha Malhotra Vinod
662 Dil Dhadke Aankh Phadke.. S.Balbir, Sabita Banerjee Vinod
663 1957 Garma Garam Bach Bachke Chalo Ri Mori.. Mohammed Rafi Vinod
664 Rakhna Dil Mein Dil Ki Baat.. Mohammed Rafi, Sabita Banerjee Vinod
665 1957 Jeevan Saathi Peepal Tale Ghar Mera.. Manna Dey, Sudha Malhotra Bulo C.Rani
666 1964 Maharani Padmini Jis Mitti Mein Khel Rahe Hain Bachche.. Mohammed Rafi Sardar Malik
667 Gir Gaya Sher Babbar.. Mohammed Rafi Sardar Malik
668 More Roothe Balam Ghar Aa.. Usha Mangeshkar Sardar Malik
669 Naina Re Dekhe Unke Nain.. Suman Kalyanpur Sardar Malik
670 Mohabbat Ke Sarkar.. Suman Kalyanpur Sardar Malik
671 Ral Mil Sakhiyon Ne.. Usha Timothy Sardar Malik
672 Unse Kehdo Kankhiyon.. Asha Bhosle, Kamal Barot Sardar Malik
673 Baand Kamar Nikle Deewane.. UNKNOWN Sardar Malik
674 Paanv Uthate Na The Sultan Ke.. UNKNOWN Sardar Malik
675 1965 Janam Janam Ke Saathi Main Gadha Bana.. Manna Dey Gyan Dutt
676 Shamshan Jala Insaan Jala.. Hemant Kumar Gyan Dutt
677 Ek Baat Sunati Hoon.. Geeta Dutt Gyan Dutt
678 De De De De Mera Dil.. Mukesh, Suman Kalyanpur Gyan Dutt
679 Yehi Hain Shaan-e-Zindagi.. Hemant Kumar, Indrayani Roy Gyan Dutt
680 Yeh Raat Goru.. UNKNOWN Gyan Dutt
681 Hain Tujhe Waasta Mere Pyar Ka.. UNKNOWN Gyan Dutt
682 O Shankar Sansaar Ke Swami.. UNKNOWN Gyan Dutt
683 1966 Tasveer Main Teri Dil Tera Re Mitwa.. Asha Bhosle C.Ramachandra
684 Samjhoge Tum Kya Bhala.. Asha Bhosle C.Ramachandra
685 Mere Sulagte Hue Dil Ko Magar.. Asha Bhosle C.Ramachandra
686 Duniya Bananewale Ne Jab Chand Banaya.. Mahendra Kapoor C.Ramachandra
687 Tasveer Bhi Dekhi Thi.. Mahendra Kapoor C.Ramachandra
688 Denewala Do Dil Deta.. Mahendra Kapoor C.Ramachandra
689 Chale Kahan Ho Meri Dhadkane Badhake.. Mahendra Kapoor, Suman Kalyanpur C.Ramachandra
690 1969 Samay Bada Balwan Yun Na Dekho Hamein.. Asha Bhosle Usha Khanna
691 Rooth Kar Tum Bhala Yun Kahan.. Asha Bhosle Usha Khanna
692 Bhoole Afsaane Phirse Yaad Aaye.. Mohammed Rafi Usha Khanna
693 Waqt Zaalim Hain.. Mohammed Rafi Usha Khanna
694 Ek Do Teen Ae Mehjabin.. Mohammed Rafi Usha Khanna
695 Dekho Challa Mila Nishaani.. Krishna Kalle Usha Khanna
696 Teri Tasveer Se Aankhein Meri.. Asha Bhosle, Mohammed Rafi Usha Khanna
697 Dil Mein Dhadkan Lab Pe Haaye.. Hemlata, Usha Khanna Usha Khanna
Maata Aa Aa Kaun Hamein Yaad Kare.. UNKNOWN Vasant Kumar
Dil Kehta Hain Who Aaj Aayenge.. UNKNOWN Vasant Kumar
Hey Aayi Re Aayi Re.. UNKNOWN Vasant Kumar
Mann Ka Mor Mera Kise Na Jaane.. UNKNOWN Vasant Kumar
More Nainon Mein Naina Daale.. UNKNOWN Vasant Kumar
Pardes Ko Jaanewale Panchhi Aa.. UNKNOWN Vasant Kumar
Saajan Aaye Gali Mein Ram Qasam.. UNKNOWN Vasant Kumar
Aayi Bahaar Aa Mil Baithe Zara.. UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Aa More Saiyyan Pyar Karenge.. UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Ae Dard Bhare Dil Tujhe Ab Kaun Sambhaale.. UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Dard Hain Dil Mein Lab Par Aahein.. UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Do Zulmi Naina Maar Gaye.. UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Gale Mil Milke Diye Muskura Rahe Hain.. UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Jab Pyar Sataye Koi Yaad Aaye.. UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Kahan Gaye Din Waah.. UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Kisne Mere Mann Ke Taar Hilaaye.. UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
More Rajaji Phir Tum Yaad Aaye.. UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Piya Piya Mat Bol Papiha.. UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Mast Fakir Are O Jaanewala Apna Jaana Dekhte Jaana.. UNKNOWN Damodar Sharma
De De Pyaale O Pyaale Matwale.. UNKNOWN Damodar Sharma
Jao Jao Ri Saiyyan More Piya Ko Manao.. UNKNOWN Damodar Sharma
Jiya Hain Unke Bas Mein.. UNKNOWN Damodar Sharma
Main Pukaara Karoon Allahu Allahu.. UNKNOWN Damodar Sharma
Main To Nagari Nagari Dware Dware.. UNKNOWN Damodar Sharma
Pardesi Naal Nyaari Laaiye.. UNKNOWN Damodar Sharma
Saajan Tune Jiya Jalaaye.. UNKNOWN Damodar Sharma
Suna Hain Bekason Ke Mehrbaan.. UNKNOWN Damodar Sharma
Tirchi Jawaan Hain Baanke Mast-e-Shabaab.. UNKNOWN Damodar Sharma




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8 responses to “D. N MADHOK – MAN WITH MANY FACES

  1. kanti mohan

    November 25, 2012 at 3:06 am

    it is a fine piece of writing, very informative and comprehensive. Some more biographical details might have increased the worth. Very little is known about this extremely important Hindi lyricist.

  2. Arun Gupta

    July 2, 2013 at 4:06 am

    Very informative and interesting article on Shri Madhok. Appreciated and enjoyed immensely. Thank you..

  3. chandrika PATEL

    July 11, 2013 at 3:46 am

    Thank you very much for this site and info. provided ,Grateful to you

  4. Kuntamukkala Prabhakar Rao

    March 2, 2014 at 5:06 pm

    Some one please post song of Surendra and Asha Bhonsle from Gharbar 1953..Khet pake ud.ud jaa

  5. Shashikant Kinikar

    January 19, 2016 at 5:27 am

    Detailed information of late Dinanath Madhok . who is hardly remembered today despite his herculean task. Thank you very much.

  6. Qq

    June 23, 2016 at 8:30 am

    Thx. I just discovered that this man is my great grandfather.

  7. Jadpal Singh

    April 27, 2020 at 7:24 pm

    I had read the complete story of his own life by great musician Shri Naushad Ali, published in Sushma Magazine, Delhi about 35 years ago. But unfortunately, in later years i lost the story. I remember that Naushad saheb had mentioned about D. N. Madhok ji in his story, especially about movie Rattan. If someone knows the extended family members of Shri Madhok ji, then please request them to come forward and share more unheard genuine information, especially after being retired from Bollywood, as well as a lot family photographs of entire life of the great lyricist. The fan like me of Madhok ji miss him a lot.


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