Shyam kumar

08 Oct
Here is some information on Actor/singer Shyam kumar. many people get confused with the 2 Shyams.
One was only an Actor called SHYAM (Shyam sunder Chadha) and the second was Gul Hamid,known as actor/playback singer SHYAM KUMAR. These 2 were different persons. Actor Shyan NEVER sang any songs.
.SYED GUL HAMID, Known as SHYAM KUMAR was born in1913 in Poona.he got first break in Sukhi Jiwan-42 as an actor,dut to his muscular physique.He knew singing,so Naushad recommended him to Kardar who employed him as a Playback singer.His first playback came in Namaste-1943.In Kanoon-43 also he sang 3 songs with Suraiya.He acted in about 100 films,but sang in only 17 films- Namaste,kanoon,Sanjog,pehle aap,mamta,nirmal,Sanyasi,Sagartarang,Dillagi-49,Lachak,Rattan-44,Chacha chaudhari,Gujara,Vijaygadh,Tilasmi Duniya and Kala Ghoda-1963. then he suffered from Throat problem and stopped singing,but continued to act. He died on 22-4-1981 due to Throat cancer.
His famous songs included Tu mera chand-Dillagi( shot on actor Shyam) and O jaanewale Balamawa-Rattan-44,with Amirbai karnataki.
This information is available in Listeners’ Bulletin No. 48 of Feb-82,Swaron ki Yatra-by Anil Bhargava pp126,and articles by Shirish kanekar, in his book ‘Yadon ki baaraat’.The confusion comes because less knowledgeable people call Shyam Kumar even to Shyam. In his entire lifetime,as if he knew the future,actor Shyam never wrote his name as Shyam kumar. the suffix KUMAR was used indiscriminately,causing all the confusion.

To stress again,there were only 2 SHAYAMS. One- only Actor SHYAM and two- actor/playback singer SHYAM KUMAR.

The confusion may also be due to the fact that in Dillagi Shyam and Shyam kumar both acted. In his entire career,SHYAM KUMAR the actor/singer never sang for himself. May be because the type of roles he did ( side roles,unimportant or Villain roles etc), did not qualify for a song in the film.

Please note that in Ratan-1944 Shyam kumar had not acted at all. The credits do not show his name. I just now checked before stating this

by :Arunkumar Deshmukh
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One response to “Shyam kumar

  1. Mustafa (@mubarak_sayeed)

    May 29, 2016 at 1:33 pm

    Hi this is Mustafa Sayeed Mubarak, grandson of Shyam Kumar (Gul Hamid Ali)


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