28 Sep

लता मंगेशकर ने यूं तो कई हिंदी गीतों में अपनी आवाज़ दी , हिंदी के अलावा कई ऐसी भारतीय भाषाएँ भी रही जिसमें हम उनकी आवाज़ का आनंद उठा सकते हैं .कई बार हैरानी होती है कि उस भाषा कि समझ न होने पर भी कोई गायक /गायिकी कैसे इतनी आसानी से उस गाने को न सिर्फ गा जाती है ,बल्कि ये एहसास भी नहीं होने देतीं कि उस भाषा कि उसे समझ नहीं .

फिलहाल सिंधी  और गड्वाली ज़ुबान का एक एक गीत.
फिल्म Hal ta bhajee halooN (Let us elope).This is the only Sindhi song which Lata ji had sung – it appeared in a movie called Hal ta Bhajee Haloon (Let us elope) which was released in 1987, the music was composed by C. Arjun…Munhja supreen

Ajrak is a name given to a unique form of block printed shawls and tiles found in Sindh, Pakistan. Ajraks are also worn by the Saraiki people of Southern Punjab and Kutch. These shawls display special designs and patterns made using block printing by stamps.

This is probably the only song sung by Lata in  Garhwali language .
Man bharmaige meri sudh-budh khwaige – from the Garhwali film Raibar.
मन भरमेगे, मेरी सुधबुध ख्वे गे” from Raibar (रैबार) .

LATA MANGESHKAR recording the telugu song nidurapora thammuda….seen here with telugu composer SUSARLA DAKSHINAMURTHY….in 1955

directed by ranganath das the film santanam released in that time the director and the composer were staying in woodlands hotel in chennai.lata was staying in the same hotel. she had come down to chennai to record a hindi song .seeing her go to her room the director urged s.dakshinamurthy to go and ask her to song a song in their film.the composer gasped and told the director” are you out of ur mind?….why will she sing a telugu song ?”

..the director told him that he would not take No! as an asnswer…..hesistatingly lata was asked to sing just one song…..he hummed it for her and she agreed immediately…and history was made …..atleast for telugu audience……so on november 9th 1954,lata recorded this song in vauhini studios….which was jam packed with people who thronged to see their beloved singer……BTW she took a huge remuneration for this one single song which was anyway worth it…….

Nidurapora Thammuda – Santhanam – Telugu Old Classics – Lata Mangeshkar

lata mangeshkar seen here with sound recordist krishna iyer.

lata mangeshkar seen here with sound recordist krishna iyer….during the recording of the telugu song nidurapora thammuda in 1954….

(info source- priya  ji on sks)


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