Bhinni Rainariye Chamkan Tare -Lata Mangeshkar.

09 Sep
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lata and ashaThe first time this album was played at our home was around 1980 [?] – recently re-released on CD [see]

Indeed a great album: the LP had 5 tracks each by Lata and Asha under the music direction of Singh-Bandhu (Tejpal Singh & Surinder Singh – their training in Hindustani Classical Vocal music began early under their elder brother, principal G.S.Sardar. Shri Sardar imparted training in Patiala and Kirana styles and later, they were under the tutelage of Ustad Amir Khan who taught them the finer points of khayaal singing in the Indore idiom).

Let’s get to the verse:

bhinnee rainaRiye, chaamkan taare
jaageh sant janaa, mere raam pyaare

[rainaRiye=raat meiN]
[chaamkan=chamakte haiN]
[jaageh=jaagte haiN (suchet rehte haiN)]

(Just like) in the dew-drenched night, the stars twinkle (so in the world of the hearts-immersed-in-His-love, good values shine). mere raam ke pyaare sant jan (simran kee barkat ke saath, maayaa ke hamloN se) suchet rehte haiN.

raam pyaare sadaa jaageh, naam simreh andino
charan kamal dhyaan hirday, prabh bisar naaheeN ik khino

[simreh=keeps in mind]
[andino=every day]
[khino=kshan, moment]
[charan kamal=(often used phrase in Gurbani) kamal jaise (soft) charan

These blessed folk stay alert, and keep Him in mind every day… their hearts are focused onto His feet, (and they pray) prabhoo! Don’t go out of my mind even for a moment.

taj maan moh bikaar man ka, kalmalaa dukh jaaray
binwant Nanak sadaa jageh, har daas sant pyaare

[taj=tyaag kar, chhoD kar]
[bikaar=vikaar, vice]
[kalmalaa=buray karm]
[jaaray=jalaa diye]
[binwant=benatee kartaa hai, begs to state]

(The saintly folk) give up false-pride, possessiveness, and (other) vices of the mind, (and thus) burn off (all their) ill-deeds and ailments. Nanak begs to state that (this is how) the blessed servants of the Almighty remain alert (to the attacks of ‘maaya’).

click here

(Gurbakshish Singh Bagga on swar aalap group)
it is a 2 CD set titled Shabad Kirtan with 18 tracks by Lata & Asha Music by Singh Bandhu & S.Mohinder.

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