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Ghulam Ahmed Chishti

A great personality who not just composed but also wrote lyrics and sang as well. I am talking of Ghulam Ahmed Chishti, whose name is often shortened to G.A. Chishti and who was popularly called Baba ji in the Pakistan film industry. He was born in a small village called Gana Chor in Jalandhar in 1905. He developed an interest in music from his early childhood and would sing Naats at his school. He had started his career by
the film Deen O Duniya in 1936 and continued to compose for years to come. He has 5000+ songs to his credit and was the first composer to cross 100 films to his credit. He composed for Urdu films as well but Punjabi movies would be considered his forte. His work was of great quality and we have more than that to be thankful for. It was he who had brought Madam Noorjehan as a singer on Lahore stage when she was just 9 years old.

It was he who introduced yet another major favourite Zubaida Khanum ji in Billo in 1951 as he did Saleem Raza in Naukar in 1955. He also introduced many others like Naseem Begum, Nazir Begum and Mala among others. He is also known to have introduced Rehman Verma and Khaiyyam.

He had many lovely compositions but I’ll go for this lovely Munavvar Sultana solo which I absolutely adore. It is from the first Punjabi movie made in Pakistan, Pheray(1949) which was a super duper hit and was also the first silver jubilee in Pakistan.composing music for It is said that he  was composing for three films together due to paucity of musical talent in Pakistan. He had composed Sachai and Mundri along with Pheray. It is said that six to seven songs in the film were written, composed and recorded in a single day! However, when one hears the songs, their quality doesn’t betray this. Even though the industry was in a nascent stage at that time, the music was quite competetive. This song, Mainu Rab Di Saun Tere Naal Pyar Ho Gaya Ve Channa Sachchi Muchchi is an absolute delight and even inspired SD Burman to compose a song for Geeta ji. I can hear this song for hours. I hope you’ll enjoy this song too. He composed this song and wrote the lyrics as well. It can be heard at No 5 here:- :GAJENDRA KHANNA on sks)
विभाजन के बाद चिश्ती साहब पाकिस्तान रवाना हो गए, जहाँ उन्होंने सबसे पहले फिल्म ‘फेरे’ में संगीत दिया ! फिल्म का संगीत काफी चला और सिल्वर जुबली साबित हुई ! इसके बाद फिल्म इंड्रस्टी से उन्हें एक तरह से सिर्फ पंजाबी फिल्मे मिलनी शुरू हुई ! बहरहाल  ये सिलसिला टूटा ‘लख्त –ए-जिगर’ से ! जिसमे एक लोरी अपने समय में काफी मकबूल हुई (‘चंदा की नगरी से आजा रे निंदिया  ’) चिश्ती साहब के मुताबिक उनपर ये आरोप भी लगाया जाता कि वो सिर्फ ‘ढोलक चिमटे’ वाला संगीत दिया करते हैं ,पर जल्द ही उन्होंने अपने संगीत से उन्हें ग़लत साबित किया !
जी एस चिश्ती साहब के इस गीत ‘हमारी गली आना अच्छा जी ,हमे न भूलना अच्छा जी’ हिन्दुस्तान में काफी सुना और पसंद किया गया ! ‘हमारी गली आना.’.. एक तरह का कॉल सिस्टम (बातचीत वाला) गीत था ! उनके मुताबिक  इसतरह के गीतों का सिलसिला  चिश्ती साहब ने ही शुरू किया !

Khayyam sahab with his Guru Ghulam Ahmed Chisti.

Chisti-baba was a composer in 40s and Khayyam ji got an opportunity to learn from him and assist him in his initial years. This is the tribute Chisti-baba paid to his disciple when he (Khayyam sahab) made a big name for himself..

खुदा ने तुझे दिया है बड़ा मकाम ख़य्याम
मेरी तरफ से सलाम और एक पयाम ख़य्याम

तुम्हारे प्यार अक़ीदात पर जान-ओ-दिल है निस्सार
की तूने हक़ अदा कर दिए तमाम ख़य्याम

अदब किया है मेरा और मेरी खिदमत की
उसीकि दम से तेरा नाम है मदाम ख़य्याम

तू मेरा दिल है, मेरी जान है, मेरा मक़सद है
तेरे ही नाम से रोशन है मेरा नाम ख़य्याम

तू खुश रहे सदा, फूले, फले तमाम हयात
यह मेरे दिल की दुआयें है सुबह-ओ-शाम ख़य्याम

यह आरज़ू थी की वो दिन ज़रूर आएगा
की सारी दुनिया कहेगी के वाह! ख़य्याम

खुदा ने मुझे आज वो दिन दिखाया है
तुम्हारे तझकरे करते है ख़ास-ओ-आम ख़य्याम

तुम्हारे साथ जो शख्सियातें नज़र आई
मैं दिल से करता हूँ उन सब का अएहतराम ख़य्याम

जुदाईयों से कभी कुरबातें जनम लेंगी
यह फ़ासले फिर कभी होंगे हम कलाम ख़य्याम

तेरा मद्दाह हूँ, परस्तार हूँ, दुआगो हूँ
बता ही देता हूँ चिस्ती है मेरा नाम, ओ ख़य्याम

A great persona…Ghulam Ahmed Chishti

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